How to Maintain Solid Hardwood Flooring?

Wooden floors are elegant, beautiful and render an aesthetic appeal to the place. If maintained properly, they can last for decades. Usually, wooden floors are hard and durable. However, they still need to be taken care of if you want them to retain their shine and appeal. We have provided a list of maintenance tips for solid hardwood flooring

  • Clean Spills Immediately

If your flooring installation process has just ended, clean the entire floor using mild solutions that wouldn’t harm the quality of the wood. If anytime you notice water or oil spill on the floor, clean it using a wet or damp mop. Also, it’s advisable to maintain the room temperature between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so that the humidity of the area is around 30 to 50%. As you know wood contracts and expands with a decrease and increase in temperature respectively, controlling the inside temperature is thus important. Also, make sure no one walks around the house with wet shoes.

When it comes to regular cleaning of the floor, you must use a pH neutral cleaning spray. They are mild but effective on wood. Be careful to not apply furniture polish on wood as they leave a slippery residue on the floor, which will penetrate the wood, causing damage to it.

  • Use Furniture Pads

Scratches are extremely stubborn. Usually, they are inevitable and difficult to be removed. So, always use anti-scratch felt protector pads. Cover the bottom of the furniture with these pads. These act as a soft barrier between the heavy pointed end of the furniture and the wooden floor. Also, when you are shifting chairs or other furniture items, make sure you lift them instead of dragging them across the floor.

  • Sweep Or Dust Daily

Sweep your wooden floor daily, at least twice a day. Even if you do not allow anyone to walk with shoes inside, there’s dust everywhere and you can’t stop dust and debris from accumulating on the surface of the floor. With time dust accumulates on the floorboards and in between the gaps.

These are some of the important hardwood floor maintenances tips that you must follow. If you have got a hardwood flooring installation recently done, vacuum cleans the floor as regularly as possible. It would help it look fresh and new, also keeping your home clean.