How to Like Someone’s Instagram Story

Instagram has become the most popular social media app. Many millennials use Instagram for various reasons, including connecting with strangers. Now, you get full access to a person’s life through their Instagram post.

If you want to get a big picture of that person, their story gives you that opportunity. You can get a feel for their personality, their standard style, their brand, and what they’re about. And, for some people, that’s where admiration blossoms from.

It might seem like a small detail, but getting to know what someone’s story is like tells you a lot about them. Interested in how to like someone’s Instagram story? Here’s how to do that!

How to Like Someone’s Instagram Story

Liking someone’s Instagram story is easy! Follow these simple steps.

Find the story you want to view. You can do this by scrolling through your feed, or by searching for the person’s username. Once you’ve found the story, simply tap on it to view it.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a heart icon then tap on this to like the story. And that’s it! Sending a like on someone’s Instagram story is a great way to show you what they’re sharing.

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Benefits of Liking Someone’s Instagram Story

If you’re scrolling through your feed and you see a friend’s story that you like, don’t be afraid to give it a like! It’s a quick and easy way to show your support, and it could make your friend’s day.

Plus, there are some benefits to liking someone’s Instagram story. For example, if you like someone’s stories, they’re more likely to see your stories in return. So go ahead and show your friends some love by tapping the heart on their Instagram Story!

You can even make friends with strangers!

How to Get Someone to Like Your Instagram Story in Return

If you want someone to like your Instagram story in return, first make sure that your story is public. Then, go to their profile and like one of their recent stories.

Once they have their notifications turned on, they will notice that you gave their story a heart.  This will attract them to check out your story and like it in return.

The Purpose of a Like

It can be easy to blow past someone’s Instagram story without giving it a second thought. Likes can actually mean a lot to the person who posted them. Liking someone’s story is a way of showing that you care about what they’re sharing.

It only takes a second to tap the heart icon, but it can make someone’s day. Now that you know how to like someone’s Instagram story, take a minute to like the stories that catch your eye.

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