How to Keep your Marriage Strong during Pandemic

Spending time together these days isn’t by choice, but rather by necessity due to the coronavirus epidemic. Confinement may be difficult. Quarantine is causing tension in some couples five months into a pandemic. Here are some ideas to assist struggling couples get through this together.

The recent COVID-19 epidemic has put most individuals under extraordinary stress, including marriages.While couples who already have strong and healthy relationships may appreciate the chance to spend more time together and deepen their marital bond, marriages that are more fragile may encounter additional obstacles during this time.

Ways to Keep your Marriage Strong and Healthy:

1. Indulge in reminiscence:

Remember the excellent moments you’ve had together. When you talk about a pleasant experience you had together or something amusing you saw, it transports you back to that moment as you recollect your feelings around the incident.

You recreate some more of the good sensations associated with pleasurable events when you recollect about them. If you want to enhance theclosenessof your relationship, focus on the pleasant memories and what it was like back then. Remembering and talking about the good old days can definitely help you revive yourrelationship.

2. Recognize the tiny things: 

Recognize the small ways your mate goes above and beyond. My spouse is the only one who goes grocery shopping. Instead of criticising that he chose poor product, I applaud him for being the one ready to expose him to the elements.

3. Take a date:

Take your lover on a date away from home. Make time to spend with your spouse in a new setting where the attention may be solely on each other. There might be a lot of distractions at home, such as children, job, or chores.

Without the distractions of the outer world, you can concentrate on appreciating one other and having fun together. Going on dates together keeps the focus on your relationship as a couple.

Interesting fact: A study conducted in the US says 26% of the couples often or always used lube.Hence, using edible flavored lube can be helpful in making your private moments more enjoyable.

4. Make yourself vulnerable:

To feel loved and understood by your spouse, you must be vulnerable with them. Being vulnerable can be frightening, especially at first. Share your sentiments, anxieties, fears, enthusiasm, concerns, and dreams with your spouse.

Make an attempt to engage in those awkward discussions that you frequently avoid. Inform your partner when you are wounded or uneasy in your relationship.

5. Let’s face it: 

Our homes (and ourselves) aren’t meant to be lived in without a break. It’s suffocating. We’re imprisoned as in walls, so it’s no surprise that we keep driving each other up them. Even the strongest marriages may experience strain.

Engage in open and honest communication with one another. Stressors at this period include children, finances, job, health, schooling, food planning, and loneliness. Continue to have good dialogues as either a team to assist you move through them.


Be nice to one another and to yourself. Speak softly, show empathy, and approach situations with patience. Make time for active stress and anxiety management, both concurrently and independently.

Walk, play board games, read a book, exercise, take a long soothing bath, practise deep breathing, meditate, and practise yoga. Maintain a regular sleep schedule and a healthy food habit. To manage stress, avoid using alcohol and comfort foods.

Begin a pastime, preferably one that you and your partner will enjoy doing together.