How To Get Organized for This Holiday Season

Whenever a holiday season approaches, your stress level can rise because of the extra things on your to-do list. This season take control of that list and get organized so that you can enjoy the festivities instead of feeling the stress.

Make a List

Santa was right all along. Make a list and check it twice. Unless you have a photographic memory, chances are you won’t remember everything you need to do or told someone else you would do. You can keep a list in a little notebook that you carry around with you in your bag. Electronic organizers work just as well, but there is something very satisfying about physically crossing items off your to-do list.

Create a Calendar

Once you’ve started your list, create a calendar of due dates. If you have cards or presents to mail, don’t forget to figure in extra lead time for packages to arrive during a busy delivery season. Consider using express delivery services King of Prussia PA or sending e-gift cards to cut down on that worry. If you’ve agreed to make something for a party, schedule in time to buy the ingredients too. Try to bundle your activities together so that you are running errands in the same part of town on the same day.


If family or friends ask if they can help, say yes! Even delegating a task as small as picking up your dry cleaning or taking your dog on a walk around the block so you can clean the bathroom or wrap a few presents is worth it. Don’t be afraid to trade services with a neighbor. One of you can watch all the kids while the other one makes a couple extra batches of cookies.

The key to keeping stress low during the holidays is to plan what you need to do ahead of time. Staying organized is a great way to stay calm and enjoy the season.