How to Find Your Shoe Size: What You Need to Know

In 2019, footwear production reached a new record of 23.4 billion pairs around the globe. It increased by 21.2% since 2010 and 0.6% in 2019.

With that massive supply, only a few people know their size. It’s understandable because sizes differ in various markets. There are ways to determine your proper size, and we’ll help you.

Do you want to know how to find your shoe size? Read more and get the correct shoe size when shopping.

Measure Your Feet

Knowing your size involves measurements thus, it will be our first step. Get a paper, pen, and a measuring tool to help you find your size.

Lay the paper down on a flat surface and sit down on a chair. Place your foot at the center. If your foot exceeds the paper, get another one and paste it together.

Grabe your pen and trace your foot on the paper. Be as accurate as possible to get your ideal shoe size. Remove your foot and measure it with a ruler or measuring tape.

The length of your foot should be from your heel to the longest toe. Then, measure the width of your foot by looking at the broadest part and taking the measurement.

Subtract ‘3/16’ to know the difference between the line and the physical shoe. Measure again, and that will become your shoe size.

If these steps are too complicated for you, we have a better way to measure your foot. To do this, start by stretching out your arm. The length between your wrist to your elbow is identical to the size of your foot.

Now that you know your foot measurement, the next step is to find your size.

Comparing Shoe Sizes

Remember that shoe sizes differ by country or manufacturer origin. Luckily enough, few countries have measurement units and minor conversions.

Take your measurement in inches and compare it in the UK, US, EU, and India. The unit inches or centimeters will ensure the standard size of your foot.

Defining whether you have big shoes or small shoes is different per culture. Americans can consider size ten as small for shoes for men, while Asians think of it as an enormous size.

Also, consider the type of shoes you might get, like dress shoes, sports shoes, and others. It’s important to check this because every shoe has specific ‘types of fit.’

For instance, you might need a more tight fit for sports-specific shoes. At the same time, you can wear loose fit for casual shoes like sneakers or dad shoes. If you’re looking for the best dad shoes, click here for more information.

Learn How to Find Your Shoe Size Today

If you want to know how to find your shoe size, measure it yourself. But if you doubt your skills, check out tools like a digital foot measurement scanner.

Take an extra inch or half of it to give some allowance to your feet. It will provide you with a loose fit that’s still good for blood circulation. Too fit shoes might not be breathable, so check for better options.

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