How to Enjoy Travelling While Staying At Home

Out of all of its terrible outcomes, the worst thing COVID-19 has put us through is stopping us from travelling. Travelling withdrawals are a real thing, especially if you have planned your entire year around a certain trip.  Imagine saving money the whole year, taking off from work only to spend that time in your living room. Unfortunately, we cannot say for sure when COVID-19 will be gone for good  and it would take a while until we can start travelling again. Until then you can follow the steps mentioned below to satisfy your wanderlust at home.

  1. Make new dishes:

Nothing represents travelling more than trying out new cuisines, search for some new recipes and start making dishes from all around the world.

  1. Read about new places:

Either go for books, or travel blogs but keep on researching about new places. This this will also help you plan your post Covid trip.

  1. Watch Television:

Opt for offers like Spectrum Silver Channels Package and enjoy 175 plus channels from all around the world. You can watch shows from different parts of the world, travelling vlogs, and even binge on Discovery Channel just to give yourself the feeling of being away from home.

  1. Reduce your phone time:

One thing that happens the most when we travel is that our phone signals are lost and we are no longer in touch with our hometown friends and family. This break from social media and constant connectivity completes the feel of travelling abroad. This is why limiting your phone time would be a good way to feel like you are actually on a trip.

  1. Get ready:

Did you already plan your outfits when you were planning your trip? Or even worse did you go shopping? If the guilt of spending so much money on outfits that will now go to waste is eating you alive start getting dressed at home. Wear your new clothes, do your hair and makeup and just enjoy life.

  1. Take Pictures:

Once you are done getting ready the next thing you need to do is take pictures. Post them on social media or just keep them with yourself for memories. You can even edit your pictures with different monuments from around the world before posting it.

  1. Make a tent at home:

Imagine you are going camping and make your own tent, you can decorate it as you like, keep snacks inside and watch your favorite movie.

  1. Make a home spa:

Treat yourself with a home spa day. This is a great way to relax just like you would on your holiday. You can always go and get some coconut juice and rent a swimming pool to further enhance your experience.

  1. Sleep somewhere else:

While you are at it start sleeping somewhere else rather than your bed. You can sleep on an air mattress or on the ground, or lay in the open while you gaze at the stars. A change in environment can trick your mind into believing that you are no longer stuck in your routine life.

  1. Do a Bonfire:

There are no travel blues a burning fire, some good music, and marshmallows can’t fix. You do not need to do an entire bonfire on your own rather you can just roast some marshmallows on the stove, decorate your place with fairy lights, and you are good to go.

  1. Connect with your friends from around the world:

Another thing which we usually do while travelling is meeting our old long distance friends. A good way to recreate this feeling would be to video call them. Talking to them and realizing that you are all in the same boat will also ease your pain.

  1. Skip all chores:

Skip all the cleaning and laundry for a week, there is no point in recreating your vacation at home if you are stressed about house chores. Similarly, make sure you tell people at work that you won’t be available for a week so you can enjoy your time in peace.

Life has not been so kind to us this year. Not only do we have ruined plans but a lot of us have lost loved ones and are going through the pain of not seeing our friends and family. However, we can still make the most of the situation by following the ideas mentioned above.