How To Dress for Concealed Carry in the Summer

If you have completed all the requirements for your concealed carry license and begun to carry your weapon, you understand the types of clothing necessary to truly hide your firearm. It is easy to hide your weapon in the fall and winter when the weather is cooler and you can layer your clothing, but what do you do in the summer, when it is too hot to wear bulky clothing? These are some tips for ensuring your clothing hides your concealed firearm during the summer months.

Change Weapons

Before you go out and purchase concealed carry clothes for summer, consider carrying a smaller weapon. Most permit holders have multiple weapons for different circumstances. If you have had your carry license for any length of time, you may have multiple firearms. However, if you don’t, consider purchasing and training with a smaller gun. A subcompact or pocket handgun will be far less noticeable when you have to wear lighter clothing.

Carry Off Your Body

If you don’t feel comfortable carrying in a holster during the summer, you can also carry your weapon off your body. For example, if you tend to wear tighter clothing, which will show your firearm, you may want to carry it differently. Off-body holsters or concealed carry purses or briefcases are good options.

Adjust Your Dress

As you purchase or pick out your clothing, keep your firearm in mind. Your dress should be structured around your gun and how well it will conceal it. Yes, you can get summer clothing that is specifically made to conceal your weapon, but you should also follow a few basic guidelines.

Tight clothing hugs your body, so it will reveal the outline of your firearm. Therefore, consider wearing looser clothing. Dark-colored fabrics with nongeometrical patterns are also helpful. Choose those that wick away sweat because wet clothing hugs your body. Cargo shorts and pants have multiple pockets, but they also can be worn loose without looking odd.

Carrying a concealed weapon is a privilege, and you are responsible for making sure it is both hidden and safe. Choose the right weapon, clothing and carry method to ensure your weapon stays concealed in the summer.