How to cleanse Rose quartz

How to cleanse Rose quartz

Rose Quartz is a valuable stone. It is pink in appearance, and when you take a look at this stone, it attracts you. It emits versatile love energies. It is an admirable representation of unconditional love. If you want to take advantage of the effective energies inside it, you must have to clean it regularly. Cleansing your Rose Quartz is a pleasant and uncomplicated process.

Moonlight, running water, and Sage are three simple and effective ways to clean your stone efficiently. Moonlight has long been used to clean rose Quarts because moonlight contains an extreme kind of energy. Moonlight can be a powerful tool to cleanse your crystals gently and expel unnecessary energies present inside them. Place the stone in your chosen place to get the moonlight for the whole night.

Different phases of the moon have different vibrations, so when the moon is complete, it is better to use its full potential for cleansing purposes. The second most straightforward way is to cleanse your crystal with running water. You can cleanse it with river or lake water because living in nature is always preferred but cleansing it with tap water is also acceptable.

It is essential to set your intention before cleansing it. Hold your stone in the water for about a minute or as long as it seems appropriate. Make sure the water touches the whole surface of the crystal. It is an old custom to cleanse the crystal through the sage. After setting the intention, light the sage. Blow it out after a few seconds to let it smoulder.

Fan the smoke with anything around the stone, ensuring the smoke has touched the whole surface. You must allow the smoke to cascade over each piece of Rose Quartz for a minimum of 30 seconds. The piece of Selenite is the best option to charge the rose Quarts. It is best to cleanse the crystal once a month to remove accumulated unwanted energies.

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