How to choose a postgraduate course after your BCA

The last year of the life of a student from a BCA college in Rajasthan often has one wondering if they should opt for a job or go for further studies. The top BCA private college in Rajasthan provides a plethora of options to choose from for a postgraduate study. These further study options provide an even better career which in COVID times is a good way to utilize your time. However, it is critical to know which course should be chosen to provide this boost to your further and satisfying professional and personal life.

The Masters of Computer Application or MCA

A natural progression for a student from any BCA college in Rajasthan is this postgraduate degree. It is a senior-level course that meets the demands of the IT industry to create professionals trained in various specializations. These specializations offered at the top BCA private college in Rajasthan as well who offer the postgraduate study option make them most desirable for the software industry. The course emphasizes the planning, design, and build complex commercial software, applications, system software to help businesses. Careers as a software consultant, network engineer, database administrator, test engineer, system analyst, etc. are available through this course.

The Masters in Information Management or MIM

This course usually offered at only the top BCA private college in Rajasthan prepares graduates to lead a department at an organization. Any BCA college in Rajasthan that offers this two-year full-time course helps a qualified graduate develop suitable knowledge and skills to help any information and technology enterprise. The course develops the student to fulfill and understand the needs of a user and then develop suitable technologies for them or maintain their information assets. Careers as a computer network architect, system analyst, MIS Director, videogame designer, mobile application developer, management consultant, etc. are offered to the right candidate.

The Masters in Computer Management or MCM

This course at the top BCA private college in Rajasthan is a combination of both computer systems and managerial skills. The BCA college in Rajasthan where this course is offered imparts basic skills to a graduate to build intricate computer applications. It also provides knowledge of financial management, marketing management, and operations management. Careers as computer systems analysts, information security analysts, computer and information systems managers, database administrators, and more can be attained through this course. This course is often picked by people who want to join various government jobs by clearing examinations for railways, defense, ISRO, BHEL, etc.

The Post Graduate Program in Corporate Studies or PGPCS

This course is offered only at the top BCA private college in Rajasthan with a highly-qualified faculty and the right infrastructure to handle it like Amity University. This two-year program offered at a BCA college in Rajasthan provides a crash-course to make exceptional careers. Jobs are offered to the right candidate in the field of finance, marketing, IT operations, and many other branches of management. Various job roles open up through this course in the corporate world. The combination of subject knowledge in the graduates is best for the roles of a department head to IT managers or suitable as entrepreneurs.