How to Choose a Church

Are you someone who prefers to have a group to conduct their spiritual journey? If so, then you may wonder how to choose a church brentwood ca that best aligns with your values.

This can be a difficult decision to make, with over 200 denominations already in existence, more splits on the way, and church membership falling under 50% since 2020.

Navigating this fraught landscape can be tricky, especially with something as intimate as faith. So, read on to learn more about how you can choose a church that will help you grow and develop spiritually.

Look for Those That Put People First

Too many churches these days have lost sight of the message, putting petty politics above the concern for their fellow citizens. While religion and politics have always been strange bedfellows, you don’t want to attend a church that keeps its focus on such worldly concerns.

Search for one that helps the people, even the people they may disagree with. These churches embody the lessons of Jesus the most.

Search for an Environment That Buoys You

This isn’t to say that you should search for a church environment that only has nice things to say to you when you’re going astray. However, when you become involved in church proceedings, you shouldn’t leave each service feeling beaten down and helpless.

This is an environment designed to give you strength and support when the world fails to do so. For an example of this, visit and see what a modern church has to offer.

Study Your Scriptures to Determine Which Doctrines Best Align With Yours

Many people never leave the denomination in which they were born, even if they find that they disagree with church leaders on matters of doctrine.

Before joining a church, take some time to study the Bible on your own time. Take this solitary devotional period to open yourself to God for clarity and determine what you truly believe.

Then, with eyes unclouded, you can examine the churches in your neighborhood and choose the one where you can best thrive.

Determine Your Level of Commitment to Church Membership

Last but not least, you need to determine how much commitment you’re willing to give your church. Certain denominations expect much more out of their faithful attendees than others.

If you can only commit to Sunday attendance, don’t throw yourself into a community that will expect you to be more active. That’s a recipe for social conflict and moving to a different church.

Let’s Review How to Choose a Church

Still not sure how to choose a church that works with your spiritual journey? If you’ve determined what you believe, your level of commitment, and the type of environment that can provide you the right support, but still feel lost, never fear.

The journey toward finding a church home can be long and difficult. Open yourself to what God may guide you to, and He will help you find the path.

For more spiritual guides like this one, especially in the modern era, check out the Social Media section of our blog today. Stay blessed.