How to Change the Steam User Name? Is it Necessary

Most of the time in many gaming platforms people put user names that they find it good that time, but years later it all seems stupid and now people want to change it. It’s just because the game is adventurous people feel that keeping such crazy names sounds cool. But when they age and enter into the older circle of people, they then realize how wrong they were. With the passage of time, people change their user names and they realize how immature it was, and the same case even applies to social media. Even on social media platforms, people change their username. 

Steam User Name – 

Many times it happens that people face trouble changing their user name. But there are easy ways in which people can change steam username also. It happens that when you are at the age of 30 people will make fun of your username which is childish or immature. So, at that point, you will feel the need to change the username. Especially in a gaming platform like steam people create an emotional attachment and at that point changing the user name is like an emotional decision for many people. But still, the need arises and people want to change their username for some or other reasons. 

User Name Cannot be altered 

Many people want to know how to change the user name in steam. But the answer is a NO. You cannot alter or switch to a new user name in steam. One of the things you must have noticed while creating a user ID on the steam, they mention this condition beforehand that you are not allowed to change your username or alter it. And you agree to the T&C mentioned in the agreement while creating an ID. So, due to these reasons, it is not possible to create a new name or change or alter the user name. Therefore, if you are new to steam then it is important that you be very careful when choosing any user ID. 

New Users Should Choose the Name Carefully 

Therefore, before creating any user name think 10 times and choose a good user name wisely. There are other options also in the steam like every social media platform has an option like to delete the account. So, steam should also have this option and you can delete your account and create a fresh one. But again like I said it’s an emotional decision to delete an account, so you should think about it. But you can create a fresh new account and then start all over again. 

T&C of Steam 

Besides, that if you don’t want to delete your steam account, then you better keep a good answer ready for the friends who make fun of your username. You can just tell them the difference of the age and the years, that at that point of time, you found this name to be very sensible and super cool. Though now it’s not that cool, but it cannot be changed because of the T&C. And, if you have so much emotional attachment with steam then you should not even think about changing the username, no matter what.