How To Become An Effective Talent Acquisition Manager?

Talent acquisition means sourcing the best talents to join a company. The talent acquisition manager is responsible for filling in the positions in the company through a pool of recruits or by searching for the best possible candidates. The talent acquisition manager screens the best talents and makes sure that the most suitable candidates land in the perfect spots in the company, such as specialists, leaders, or potential future executives. Beyond the recruitment process, it is also the responsibility of a talent acquisition manager that these employees stay with the company and that they are continuously motivated on the job.

To become an effective talent acquisition manager, there are some skills that must be developed. Some people have a natural talent for it, but some can work on having them. An effective talent acquisition manager must know how to manage relationships. While talents are indeed essential for a company, employee relationships matter in ensuring that the team is intact and that things work smoothly. An effective talent acquisition manager not only looks for the best talents onboard but also knows how to match personalities among teammates and departments. The manager also knows how to resolve conflicts that arise between employees and can create programs that prevent future conflicts.

A truly effective talent acquisition manager knows the strengths of each member of the team and utilizes these to the company’s advantage. The manager evaluates each and every member to match the strengths and weaknesses and then create team-building activities that can exercise these skills for the benefit of the company.
An effective talent acquisition manager knows how to motivate the entire team, aside from each individual. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each individual, the manager, as a leader, will be able to pinpoint ways to keep them motivated and in top condition to keep working.

An effective talent acquisition manager plans ahead and prepares for the succession. Growth is important and as individuals get promoted, the talent acquisition manager already has candidates in mind for the vacant position.

A talent acquisition manager possesses superb negotiation skills. More often than not, the manager negotiates with new recruits, especially when getting them onboard. The negotiations do not end there, however, as some time during the course of the employment, these skills will need to be utilized again for resolving conflicts or discussing future opportunities within the company. These skills are a necessity when a teammate is being poached by another company and is given better offers. The manager negotiates on behalf of the company if they want to keep the person with them.

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