How Sweat May Impact Your Gun


Do you have a permit for concealed carry? If so, there’s a good chance your holster and gun get soaked in sweat. Daily, this isn’t too much of a concern. However, it is a good idea to understand what may happen to your gun if sweat continues to come in contact with it.  

While having the right concealed ankle holster can help reduce the amount of sweat your gun is exposed to, it’s not going to prevent it all. Keep reading to learn the long-term impact of sweat on your handgun.

The Makeup of Sweat

Sweat is mostly made of water. However, it has trace amounts of salts, ammonia, and urea, too. If you look at the inside of a hat you wear often, there will likely be a “crust” of these substances. Once the water evaporates from the material, you are left with the material, dirt, bacteria, and other things.

This same residue can start building up on your gun. If you carry the same gun in the same holster each day, you may start to notice a buildup of dried salts and crust. Salt will corrode metal parts. If you mix this with water, you wind up with saltwater, which can oxidize and eat away your gun’s metal pieces and springs.

Preventing Damage from Sweat

While you can’t stop yourself from sweating, you can take steps to safeguard your gun. This includes committing to a weekly cleaning cycle. Taking time to unload your gun, break it down, and using a lightly oiled cloth on the metal surfaces will help prevent serious problems.

While sweat can damage your gun, you can prevent these problems if you make a habit of cleaning it and wiping it down. Make sure you wipe down the holster, as well, as the same buildup can be found on it.