How Squirrels Can Be a Pest and Risk?

In the UK region, you can find innumerable squirrels roaming around. There are many kinds of squirrels even red ones that are unfortunately becoming a species facing extinction. Many consider them to be harmless and cute creatures that are only bothered about food, thus are always in search of eatables. However, one of the negative attitudes of squirrels proves to be a risk factor for human beings. It is their tendency to stay permanently at home that may not be favourable for the inhabitants. 

How Squirrel infestation is a problem?

Once, they enter your home, there are negligible chances of them moving out. They have incisors teeth that tend to over grow. To curb its overgrowing, the squirrels prefer to gnaw their teeth on any wood available in your home. Mostly, it will be the loft wood of any window frame that is easy to chip. 

They are even experts in chewing cable wires, plastic wires that result in heavy damage that need to be repaired immediately. Actually, cutting off these wires can leave you without electricity for many hours and sometimes it is the prime cause for hazards like short circuit. 

They chew on the roof joints, which make the roof structure weaken leading to massive damage to the property and sometimes the fallen debris of the house may prove fatal for the inhabitants. There are even places where the squirrel has chewed the water pipes resulting in flooding of the house as the plumbing system has been damaged. 

They tend to be quite aggressive when anyone tries to approach or remove their nest. They are dangerous when they are keen to protect their babies. They get into your home through nearby trees and wires that aids to have easy access to your home roof. They make loud noises at the attic where they usually dwell. Sometimes the loud thumping sound can be heard that happens when they are moving and hopping in the attic. 

Luckily, there are ways to get rid of them forever. You can contact any reputable pest controllers. The pest control Manchester are the most popular firm providing useful suggestions as well to their clients to avoid any kinds of pests in their premises. Their well experience certified staff apply all effective methods with the use of well-advanced tools and pesticides to get rid of pests from your home and work place. 

Ways to prevent squirrel infestation: 

  • Keeping your attic windows and gaps sealed. You can cut off the tree branches that are near your house roof. 
  • Wasted materials and debris should not be piled around your house. It gives them a chance to move around and slowly will have access to your home.
  • It is beneficial to repair the major cracks, holes and seal them. 
  • Fix unbreakable metal nets over the gutter guards present in the roof so that the squirrels don’t nestle there are move on to the roof. 

Hence, whenever you find many squirrels roaming around your house and seem to be nestling in your place, then call a pest control specialist.