How Much Can You Get for Your Junk Car?

If you have an old, rusted-out, non-working vehicle that you need to get rid of, you may be wondering if it has any cash value. There are a few options for disposing of junk cars. One such option is to sell it for scrap.

How Scrap Cars Are Valued

Most scrap yards, such as scrap cars Morris County NJ, determine the scrap value of a car based on the weight of the vehicle and how much recyclable metal it contains. If your car has any parts that can be sold to repair shops, it may be worth more, but most junk cars do not. 

How To Calculate the Scrap Value of Your Car

Different scrap yards will offer you different prices, but you can get a ballpark figure by multiplying the weight of your car in tons by the current local scrap metal price per ton. The scrapyard will need to make money off your car, so the price they offer will probably be less than this value. 

How To Get the Best Value for Your Car

If you want to make sure you are getting top dollar for your scrap car, there are a few steps you can take. First, keep track of local scrap prices. Smartphone apps, such as the iScrap App, can be useful for this. Don’t wait too long. The longer your car sits, the more it will deteriorate and the less it will be worth. Make sure you are getting a higher offer if your car runs or has salvageable parts. 

You probably won’t get a lot of money for your scrap car, but anything you can get is better than getting nothing or having to pay someone to haul your vehicle away. Additionally, scrapping your car allows for the useable components to be recycled into new products, which is better for the environment than simply dumping them in a landfill.