How Much Alcohol Do I Need for a Party?

Now, you are set to keep the party going with Toronto’s newest after hours alcohol delivery company! Unfortunately, you need to know the amount of alcohol to be ordered from the company to serve your guests. To be truthful, this can be difficult as you want to avoid having too much or too little alcohol for your guests. Besides, you will have a hard time deciding how many bottles of booze each person will like to drink.

Nonetheless, you can dedicate time to estimate the amount of alcohol needed for the party. While the amount may not be perfect, it will come in handy to ensure that you don’t budget for and order too much or too little alcohol.

In view of this, we will explain a few things you must think about as you try to estimate how much alcohol you need for a party.

  • For how long will the party last?

Even most heavy drinkers love to take some breaks after gulping each bottle of beer or wine. Therefore, you must consider how long your party will last before deciding the amount of alcohol you need for it. Notably, if the party will last for several hours, you must get lots of alcohol.

  • How many guests will come to the party?

A party that will host 100 guests will need more alcohol than another party with only 20 guests. So, you should estimate the number of guests to have an idea of what you need to offer.

While deciding the number of guests, you should answer the following questions. How many people have you invited to the event? Will the guests come with their partners or other people? Is it possible for some of your friends or colleagues to gatecrash the party?

  • What kind of party are you hosting?

The kind of party you are hosting is a major factor for estimating the amount of alcohol needed. If you are hosting a formal dinner, most people will want to avoid drinking too much alcohol. Hence, you don’t need lots of alcohol for such a party. Nonetheless, if you are hosting a cocktail party, many guests will attend solely to drink. Resultantly, you need lots of booze to keep the party going.

  • Are most of your guests heavy drinkers?

If two or three of your guests are heavy drinkers, you don’t need to make any special provision for them. However, if most of the guests drink a lot, you must get extra alcohols that can satisfy them. Therefore, think about your guests. How many of them are heavy drinkers? Would you like to give them the same amount of alcohol you are offering to others? You must find answers to these questions when estimating the amount of alcohol you need for a party.

  • How do you plan to offer the alcohol?

Would you like to give them beer, wine, or mixed drinks? What variety of drinks do you plan to offer? Decide what you want to give and plan accordingly.

In general, you should serve each guest one bottle of alcohol per hour. For wines, offer one bottle to two guests in 2 hours. In addition, after calculating the required amount of alcohol, add about 25% to the total.

In conclusion, look for a dependable and courteous company that can offer after hours alcohol delivery to the venue.