How Mentorship Can Do Wonders?

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction,” said John C. Crosby, an American politician from the U.S. state of Massachusetts.

Mentorship can be beneficial for both the mentor and the mentees. Well, maintaining this relationship can offer better learning and building strong professional networks for the mentees. But you need to understand why a mentor is important for you and how they can help in your personal and professional improvement.

Here are 5 ways How Mentorship can do wonders:

Mentors support growth:

The important role a mentor plays is for the development of your personal and professional life. A good mentor will help you to set measurable goals and also gives feedback about the areas where you need development. They will also encourage you to develop some skills that can help in improving your career growth much effectively. Mentors have a great source of knowledge that can help you to train and create a good quality productive workforce.

Mentors serve as a source of knowledge:

A good mentor has already experienced the success and failure that you are facing now. So, with their experience, they can provide you specific insights and information that can help you in advancing your career growth. They will guide you in various ways to overcome your weaknesses and other issues you fave during the work. A mentor will also help you gaining knowledge about every aspect of your business and all new technologies that are recently used in different companies.

Mentors can help set goals:

If a mentee is confused in creating their goals for their future, then a mentor can help them in setting their goals for both professional and personal development. Well, these goals will help mentees to understand how much effort and focus they require achieving those goals. This will also help mentees to identify the errors they are facing during their work and make efforts to improve them.

Mentors maintain accountability:

A mentor helps the mentee in maintaining their accountability for their goals. Mentor will provide a correct path for their mentees to follow the path and achieve better growth. They will make sure that their mentees do not lose track, to maintain that they will track every process of their mentee and help them understand the areas where they need improvement. They will also motivate their mentees to work hard and improve their skills to achieve their goals.

Mentors help make connections:

A mentor has already established a great connection with various successful people from different areas of industry. When a mentee forms a good relationship with their mentors, then mentor will help them build a strong professional network. These connections will offer various gates of opportunities to the mentees that can help them in their career growth.

Reza Satchu is the Co-Chairmen at NEXT Canada founded in 2010 is one of the leading examples of a perfect mentor who provides education, mentorship, and start-up funding to the most promising entrepreneurs. Reza Satchu is also a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School where he teaches Launching Technology Ventures and The Entrepreneurial Manager.