How Food Grade Dimethyl Silicone Oil is applicable to various industries?

Silicone industry is flying high with progress.There many end users’ industries, depending on silicone oil and other silicone-based products. Silicone industry has been proved as boom to cosmetics, food, chemical, rubber, plastic, light, and many other industries. Its high viscosity, lubricating capacity, foam producing quality, make it high demanded product on the global platform.

This piece of work will lighten a lamp on the path of food grade dimethyl silicone oil. It is the product, used on large scale by many industries. The formation of the silicone may vary and the application of it, is also different in every industry but the core of the fact is, silicone oil is very useful and demanded product even for end users’ industries.

If we talk about a specific product named – Food grade dimethyl silicone oil, it is available with variations of viscosity beginning from 1 cps to 2 million cps. It applicable to many different productions. 


  •  Softness
  • Hydrophobicity
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Electrical Insulation
  • High or low temperature resistance 
  • High Flash point
  • low freezing point
  • capable to use for long time at -50 C + 200 C.
  • Coefficient of small viscosity temperature.
  • Large Compression Ratio
  • Water and moisture resistance
  • Lower specific thermal conductivity

End users Industries 

  •   Food Grade Dimethyl Silicone oil is applicable 

to variety of products in cosmetic industry to make shower gels, shampoos, skin creams and many more. It is used because of its excellent foam making capacity and smoothening qualities. 

  •   It is widely used as softeners, hydrophobic agent,

Feel improvers in textile industry. It applies to

lubricate sewing threads and chemical fiber spinnerets.

  • Leather industries use some chemicals which are used as water repellent, feel agent, defoamer brightener, etc. Silicone is used as an additive to such chemicals.
  • Pharmaceutical industries use such type of silicone products as a substance of weather resistant coating.
  • It is used as another vital substance in building

Materials industries, packages, storage and transport.

  • Silicone oil is highly demanded in chemical industries to formulate other substances. It is used chiefly to produce lubricating oil, liquid spring, 

Cutting fluid, transformer oil, high and low temperature brake oil, absorption oil. It also 

utilized as frame shaped released agent.


Use of food grade dimethyl silicone in food processing.

As we have seen earlier that silicone oil is used in many industries. One of them is food processing and manufacturing where it is applicable in various forms. One of them is in liquid form which is odourless and colourless.

  •  It is used in food processing, meat processing,

Food packaging, bottling and canning.

  • It is safe for O-rings, gaskets, valves and seals.
  • It helps to prevent adhesion to grease.
  • It assists in building up sugar and food so as to allow for easy clean-up.
  • It prevents food from sticking on conveyor, ovens, freezing trays and baking tins.
  • It does not freeze and so it can be used at low temperature.

Food chain and food processing and packaging industry has flourished due to change in people’s standard of living and lifestyle too. The food industry has to be updated and upgrade itself to meet this ever-growing demand. Silicone oil is used in food processing but food packaging, along with this It has to maintain the machines to complete the task in bulk. These machines are needed to be maintained well. Silicone oil is used in the maintenance of such machines. Food grade dimethyl silicone oil is useful to lubricate the tiniest part and the complicated mechanism of the machines.

Why it is environment friendly?

Food grade dimethyl silicone oil is environment friendly because of the following reasons.

  • It does not contain any propellant.
  • It is free from ozone depleting chemicals.
  • It is not having any solvents so it does not harm the surroundings.
  • It does not involve CFC.

Take Away: 

This is how we understood the various forms of food grade dimethyl silicone and its uses. 

Silicone oil industry has become the backbone of other industries. It is the industry which is flourishing every moment. It has enhanced on the global platform. It is used in food processing, packaging and in lubrication of different machineries. It is also useful in lubrication of parts, textile industry, cosmetics. It gives a smoothening touch to hair; skin and it is known as a good foam producing agent so it is useful for shampoos and other personal care products. We hope that it must have enhanced your knowledge about Food grade dimethyl silicone oil. Kindly drop your precious feedback, right here in the suggestion box and make a way for us to serve our readers with our best writing works. Stay connected and keep on reading and exploring with us.