How Does The Exchange Of Students Take Place In Thailand?

The exchange program for the students in different universities takes place based on merits. A merit test is taken among the students and those who get the rank, get the opportunity to get exchanged. But it is important to note that not every university provides an exchange program for students. There are very handful of universities that allow the students to avail themselves of such programs. If you are studying in Thailand, then the exchange student in Thailand is very common in the universities. The universities in Thailand have tie-ups in different renowned universities where almost all the students desire for. The way through which this student exchange program in Thailand takes place is explained hereunder! 

University Checklist

The universities get the checklist of the affiliated universities that have opened up the exchange program for the students. Any university with an exchange program does have a tie-up with famous universities. Although it is based on the study proforma, and other parameters, if any university is very good at making the students literate then it gets the approval for such programs. Once the checklist comes right away, then announce the examination process and other related details like cut-offs, etc. 

Preparing The Merit Test

The next thing that is opted by the universities is organizing the merit test. The test questions remain standard to universities across the world. Thus, there occur special sessions by the university professors to let the students understand the procedure and the standard of the questions. It is based on this test only, the standard of study in any particular university gets justified and recognition in the international standards. 

Organizing The Award Function

Once the exam gets completed and the university gets its meritorious students to get exchanged in the concerned university, the university then needs to organize an award function in the honor of the students. This is done to appreciate their hardship, struggle, and determination to achieve their goals. In this function, often the dignitaries are invited to honor the students with an award. The students’ efforts are then explained both by the professors and the student as well. 

Lastly, the universities arrange all the required documents to send the student to the targetted university. There are no fees charged from the families of the students to enroll them by the exchange student in Thailand. So, if you are studying in Thailand or will start your university life soon, get the details about the exchange programs in different universities beforehand.