How do you choose the perfect watch?

Choosing the perfect watch for yourself comes down to personal preference, situations, and your lifestyle. We all want a gold Rolex, but in reality, our hard living live style may be too much for such an investment. While the Rolex may be the perfect watch for a salesperson or motivational speakers that wants to show success, but for most of us, a watch that sets you back €5,000 or more is not practical no matter how nice it may look and feel.

You have to take your time and do some window shopping and look at different watches. Don’t be afraid to ask the experts about each watch’s qualities so you can build up an idea of what you want. Obviously, as with anything these days, you can Google watches and get different reviews and suggestions. Some of the best watches with the best value for money and those that are long lasting are German made watches.

They are both luxury but at the same time built to last and stand the tests of harsh city environments, traveling, and an array of other situations that may put your watch under pressure.

Check to see if the watch is water resistant, whether the watch face is scratch resistant, and whether there are any extra gimmicks or gadgets such as Bezels with markers and multiple unidirectional clickstops. Other questions you have to ask yourself is how you are going to store it when you are not wearing it.

Most people just store their watches that they bought the watches in. this however is not usually appropriate because the materials these boxes are made out of are not meant to protect the watches for the long run. When saving for your watch it is therefore advisable to save for a watch box. Depending on the type that you would prefer.

The watch boxes of good quality have the following characteristics:  It should be a piece that helps to showcase your watch in the best way possible. In short they should complement and bring out the best in each other. The boxes are made of different materials including wood, leather, gold and steel so that you choose the most appropriate. For a great display, the lid can be made out of glass or crystal. The box should be able to complement the interior décor of the room you keep the watch in.

If want a box just for keeping your prized possession safe and not display it, ensure the inner lining is soft. This is usually the type that helps to protect from scratches, water or even breakage. Some have compartments for your watches as well as some extra ones for your cuff links, little rings, studs, buttons and such like utilities.