How Do College Students Stay Organized?

Going off to college is an exciting part of many young people’s lives. You’re excited to finally get out of the house and have some independence. It’s a joy to study the areas that are actually important to you while taking part in all the social scenes college has to offer. While there are so many positive and fun parts of college, there is also a lot of added responsibility. And you need to get organized if you’re going to keep track of all the things you need to stay on top of.

In high school, there’s a chance your parents or teachers helped you out and kept you on a good track with your studies and assignments. In college, that all falls on you. Not to mention the extra things you’re now responsible for, like paying bills and cooking meals. For your first time out on your own, it can help to have some organizational tips and tricks. Here are just a few ways that college kids stay more organized.

It starts with an organized application process.

Getting your stuff together starts long before you step foot on campus. Applying for colleges is a whole journey in and of itself. You need to be on top of deadlines and first ask “when are college applications due?” Know how many letters of recommendation you need and what essay topics you want to cover. It can be helpful to meet with a college counselor or advisor who can help you keep track of all this information. You’ll also want to work on keeping folders or spreadsheets with all the important dates and qualifications. Especially if you hope to go to a top college, you’ll need to work on your packaging and organizational skills to get into your dream school.

Get the best stationery and school supplies.

Shopping for school supplies doesn’t have to end in high school. You’ll still need folders and notebooks for your college days. You can even have fun designing specific pocket folders with full color and fun templates. Use a custom design on your custom folders for each and every subject. Office supplies like these can be the perfect way to stay organized and take pride in the items you bring with you to class.

Figure out digital forms of organization.

Technology is the future, so many colleges will have you use digital platforms and dashboards for your assignments and other work. Investigate different software programs or databases to help you keep your items organized. Whether that’s a to-do board or a Google folder for all your notes, this can help you keep all your information in a safe and secure place.

Learn how to manage a blossoming social schedule.

College is a great time to branch out and try new things within your social life. However, that doesn’t give you an excuse to ignore your studies or not stay organized. It’s important you learn to prioritize and figure out what matters most. Of course, it’s great to get involved and find activities that are engaging for you. Just make sure you have that balance between fun and practicality that will help you thrive socially and academically.

Reach out and ask for help when needed.

For many students, college can feel overwhelming. The classes are rigorous and your schedule may seem difficult. Remember, if you’re having trouble staying organized, it’s okay to reach out and ask for help. You will have academic advisors and mentors within your degree program who have been where you are. Open up to them about your needs and try to find some extra tips that can help propel you where you want to go in school.