How do Classic Rummy keeps up with the modern rummy games. Know here

Rummy is a popular card game that is played in most parts of the world. It requires different strategies and skills to ace this game. The conventional Rummy game is played with standard decks of cards which includes the Joker Cards as well. Since the game has travelled to many countries, people have added different features to its traditional form. With the massive growth in information and technology, Rummy games have now been made available online. Classic Rummy and GetMega are two of the online gaming platforms that feature Rummy games.  

On these platforms, players can participate in different Rummy matches and tournaments. To elevate the gaming experience, online gaming platforms often offer cash rewards on winning a particular Rummy match or tournament. Gamers after participating in a considerable amount of matches can track their performance on the leaderboards and get cash rewards. These rewards are sent to them via online payment methods like Paytm. Also, gaming developers have built interactive UIs to provide an honest gaming experience to individuals. By incorporating the rules of traditional Rummy games, these online gaming platforms lay down great visual gameplay that goes with the modern-day Rummy. Let’s discuss the features of Classic Rummy and GetMega to know how they keep up with modern Rummy games. 

Classic Rummy

Classic Rummy is an online gaming platform that features different Rummy-based games. This platform is a standalone destination for all Rummy lovers. Classic Rummy provides terms and conditions in accordance with the different Rummy games. Like most online gaming platforms, Classic Rummy also features leaderboards where players can track their performance. Also, through leaderboards, gamers can challenge and win money. Classic Rummy helps individuals to analyse their skills and as well as professional gaming acumen through the ranking system. The intuitive interface of this app is brilliantly designed thereby providing a hassle-free and smooth Rummy gaming experience. 

With Classic Rummy, players can cherish unparalleled virtual and fun gaming experiences. On this platform, gamers can prioritise creating pure sequences required for valid Rummy declarations. Further, this gaming platform allows players to implement their gaming proficiency by using both printed and wild jokers. Only real players can register on Classic Rummy’s portal via government-issued IDs. Classic Rummy not just offers different Rummy games but also provides attractive referral programs and sign up bonuses to capture the Rummy lovers’ attention. Since the games involve cash rewards, the platform provides a protected and safe environment with tight security features. 


GetMega is an online gaming platform that houses popular games based on the groups: Cards, Casual and Trivia. The most played games on this platform are Rummy, Poker, 123, Carrom, GoPool and Warship. GetMega also gives permission to only 100% verified real players to access its platform. Individuals must register on its portal via their Facebook and Google accounts. As a member of the All India Gaming Federation, GetMega also provides 24×7 leaderboards. This significant feature of the platform helps gamers to keep a track of their performance and scores. By securing the first 10 positions on the leaderboards, players can win up to 100,000 attractive gadgets. GetMega with its clean and user-friendly user interface makes it simpler for the players to interact with the games and earn. 

The vertical and horizontal gameplay offered by GetMega allows gamers to enjoy an honest gaming experience. The developers have used vibrant colours to make the key elements of the platform easy to identify and use. Here players can also win cash rewards if they invite their friends/family to play a game on its portal. On every referral, a player can earn up to Rs.10. GetMega also provides a sign-up bonus of Rs.5 when a person registers on its platform for the very first time. 

Online gaming platforms have perfectly blended the traditional aspects of Rummy games with its modern technologies. Hence if you want to play different Rummy games with a modern twist, consider Classic Rummy or GetMega.

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