How can you get a job as a bricklayer in Australia?

Australia provides incredible career opportunities for immigrants seeking a permanent resident visa in the land of opportunity. If you are have been in the country with a student visa australia for further education, there are immense possibilities that will drive you to change your mind and stay back there. 

Different courses are offered online and offline by accredited educational institutes offering certificates on the completion of the program followed by placement opportunities. 

Bricklaying is one of the top-ranking courses coming under the domain of building and construction. If you have an interest in the construction industry and would like to get immediate employment for livelihood and to acquire the PR visa, find and enrol in a course offered by a reputed institute. 

Here are a few tips for you to get a job as a bricklayer in Australia-

  • Get trained

Employers prefer hiring trained and experienced employees. When it comes to masonry, your specific skill set should never be missed by the recruiters. However, to receive a handsome pay package and a job opportunity, it is mandatory to get trained. 

Start with shortlisting a few institutes highly recommended and rated for offering the best Bricklaying courses melbourne, Perth, Victoria or wherever you would like to attend the program in Australia. Enrol and learn the art of bricklaying before you can apply for a similar job or get a placement in any construction site. 

  • Receive placement at the end of the course 

Impress the placement team soon after the end of the course so that they can recruit you to a construction site after the completion of the program. This training will also help you get a PR visa soon after you get the job.

  • Previous experience will be a plus

You can thrive well as a professional bricklayer with previous experience in masonry. This will add an extra star to your resume while applying for a job.

  • Apply for a better salary with time

After gaining hands-on experience as a bricklayer, you can apply for a job with a higher pay package and additional facilities at eminent construction companies. 

Get yourself trained in bricklaying and secure your stay in Australia as skilled utility workers are always in high demand.