How are the ripped pattern made into these jeans?

In this article, we will discuss how are the ripped pattern made in these jeans. Also, we will discuss the risk these jeans bear to the factory workers and what is the science behind them.

How is the ripped pattern made in these jeans?

There are mostly two ways in which a company can make these kinds of jeans. They can either make this jeans pattern by using a laser or by using their hands. The ripped jeans made from the hand used to be al0ot cheaper and more sold in the market.

But nowadays, many companies have decided to use the laser to make these designs on jeans. Because if they use the hand, it can make the material or the fabric of the jeans tear extra. The machine which is used to make these ripped jeans is called the 2500W laser-sharp DenimHD Abrasion system.

This is the machine that is used to make the exact pattern in the jeans without damaging them. To make these pattern, the jeans are first held in an upright position and held by the metal backdrop. Then they will use the laser to designate the area in which they want it to be ripped.

Then according to the shape you have chosen, it will make the exact kind of design. This is so accurate that it will not damage and an extra layer of the jeans.

What is the risk to factory worker while making these jeans?

Ripping with the laser or by the hand is just one process to make these pattern jeans. After this, the denim will have to be frayed around multiple tools which these manufacturer use. They use heavy-duty sandpaper to pumice the stones, and the latest method is called sandblasting.

Here the sand is sprayed on the jeans by using an air gun and sprayed with high pressure. This is a dangerous thing, and it can cause a disease called Silicosis. Here the small parts of the dust will go into the lungs of the workers if they are not wearing proper gear. This will make them claustrophobic and will also cause some of the workers to faint.

Usually, the employees who work in these factories find themselves short to breathe and to suffer painful coughs. Silicosis is an incurable disease and can even cause the life of factory workers.

What is the science behind these ripped jeans?

The first thing is that there are different kind of shapes or patterns which you can make on these jeans. You can either make a shred design or a scrape design on the jeans. The difference is that in one, the holes will be small, and the holes will be big on the other one.

Many people say that these rips should be made vertical on the jeans and not horizontal. Some people who work in Levi’s even say that the original design has rip near the knees and the back pocket. It has told that these jeans are made to show only the cutouts, not the inside skin of the person.