How a Paralegal Can Help During a Divorce


All the dreams of a ‘happily ever after’ come crashing down when reality hits. Suddenly your life seems to be on a completely different track which you had never imagined. It is one of the most devastating times in life for many people because it leads to divorce.

You can make it a little bit tolerable if you maintain your composure and take the necessary decisions at the correct time. And one such decision is of hiring a paralegal for divorce. But, you may have the question, ‘who is a divorce paralegal?’

Who are Divorce Paralegals?

A divorce paralegal is a professional who specializes in documentation work. They have knowledge and training about the legal framework. They can perform the tasks of drafting, form-filling, preparing documents, etc. 

Divorce Paralegals and Divorces

Several people take the help of a divorce paralegal and legal document assistant instead of a divorce lawyer. It is decided based on several factors. Before knowing those determining factors, first of all, you need to know the difference between a paralegal and an attorney.

  • Qualified Professionals: Divorce paralegals are also qualified professionals. Many governments insist on a professional degree designed especially for the job as a paralegal. Some state governments also insist on a qualifying exam. In other words, they can practice as a paralegal only after passing this exam. It makes them professionally competent and a good choice for some divorce cases.
  • Services Offered: The services offered by divorce paralegals differ from state to state. It is because each state has one or the other difference in its rules. So, divorce paralegals provide services according to these provisions. It is to note that even divorce lawyers appoint paralegals to assist in the documentation. So, you can hire them directly for the same task. All you have to do is clarify beforehand about the extent of services you can expect from the divorce paralegal.
  • Experience: As we said earlier, even divorce lawyers hire paralegals to manage the paperwork. So, they do have expertise in legal paperwork. And, just like divorce lawyers, divorce paralegals also should have some experience. There are instances when the professional experiences of divorce paralegals have helped in turning the case around. So, you should make sure that the person you are going to hire is well experienced and can indeed make your case a cakewalk. 
  • Precious Savings: Hiring divorce paralegals is also a pocket-friendly decision because you can save your hard-earned money. And this will happen without compromising on the quality of services you will get. However, sometimes you may have to put in a slight extra effort from your side to see the case through and in your favor. 

Hiring the correct person can become a life-changing decision more often than not. It is why you should consider multiple factors and possibilities before choosing your warrior. But, keep in mind that hiring a divorce paralegal is indeed a sane decision in some divorce cases. It can be a logical choice in your case too. For clarity, you can always have a consultation with any professionally qualified and experienced divorce paralegal.