How a leader can Increase Motivation in the Workplace

A leader is the backbone of the employees and teammates. A leader is the one who motivates his team at the lows. Employees always looked to leaders when any problem arises in the workplace. The leader not only guides the team but also motivates them to work on their path. Without the support of the leader, the team won’t be able to get success.

Thus, a leader must always be well-versed to motivate the team in any situation. 

There are different ways and methods to motivate the team, some of them are highlighted below:-


One of the basic qualities a leader needs to poses is to be a great communicator. A leader needs to clearly convey the information to the team. If it is not communicated effectively then the main objective of ensuring that the team is motivated will not be fulfilled. And the success which totally depends upon increased motivation will not be achieved. A leader needs to keep working on his skill sets to cope up with the changing working environment.


To increase motivation in the workplace it is necessary that the team members are given due appreciation. If any member is not acknowledged for the work done by him/her then the morale of the members goes down. Thus, it is important that each member is appreciated for the excellent work done by them. It encourages other members as well to perform their best. After all, everyone wants to be the apple of the eye.


A leader needs to be a great listener. If you are not doing so then you must to increase the motivation of your employees. A leader must listen to the ideas that the teams come up with. A leader must encourage them to give innovative ideas for the firm, at the same time must listen to any of the problems they face in the workplace. This helps them to be friendly with you and increases their enthusiasm, which in the end is beneficial for the success of the organization.

Strong communication skills are a must to become a great leader like Charles Field Marsham, co-founder of the Field Marsham Foundation and a Canadian entrepreneurial businessman with more than 25 years of experience in building businesses.


A leader is authorized with the responsibility to supervise the team. But partnering with the teammates makes the workplace more comfortable for the employees. Just delegating the responsibilities and not taking care of the problems they are facing, demotivates the members. To increase motivation, a leader can help them out with the difficulties they are facing while conducting their work. Partnering with teammates gives them a perception of shared responsibility.

Thus, above were some of the points that a leader must keep in his mind to keep his team motivated. Every leader has supervising qualities, but one needs to sharpen the skills to adapt to the advancing working environment and keep his team members motivated.