Home Care vs. Dog Boarding Centres – What You Need to Know

Traditionally, people would have to leave their four legged friend either with a friend or at a family member’s house when they go on a holiday or business trip.

Nowadays, dog boarding is the way to go as it provides a more viable and easier solution, not to mention better peace of mind that their four-legged friend is being well taken care of by professionals at a quality setting.

Compared to home care by some friend or family member, a dog boarding centre provides a home away from home experience for your pet.  You can rest assured that there will be no disruption to your dog’s routine – be it feeding, walks, medication and bedtime, a good and reputable dog boarding facility will adhere to your request of that. If your dog has any special dietary requirements, they will be able to accommodate to that as well.

One thing that shouldn’t go unnoticed with dog boarding facility is that your dog will have the chance to interact with other dogs.

Do not underestimate the benefits that this will bring to your dog, especially if s/he is the only pet in the household all this while – for one, it gets to learn how to socialise with other dogs. By mixing and playing around with other dogs, it helps with any behavioural and anxiety problems that your dog may have had.

In turn, your dog will be better trained and be more calm the next time he encounters an unfamiliar person or object, putting any barking or behavioural issues a thing in the past.

Also, with dog boarding facilities, you can ensure that your dog gets the daily exercise it requires by receiving at least 1 walk a day by a professional dog walker, as part of a pack or individually.

Also, you can have peace of mind that your dog is well secured at the center because most dog boarding facilities have adequate fencing / gates installed appropriately to safeguard their dogs. This no doubt gives better reassurance compared to home boarding it at someone’s house, where horror stories like dogs running away through an open gate are abundant and often heard of.

Given all these benefits, it is not hard to see why dog boarding has became the new phenomenon in recent years. If you’re in the hunt for a good and reputable dog boarding facility, we highly recommend this dog boarding near me – they truly understand dogs and are huge dog lovers themselves.

Availability is always limited as they do not believe in crowding their kennels so hurry, book in a slot and have your four-legged friend securely and lovingly boarded!