Highlights on Still Life Photography

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Surely these days of confinement you have discovered a lot of things that you had never stopped to photograph. An excellent way to practice at home is to take still life photography. Still, kauai photographer does not require significant complications or materials and will allow you to experiment and practice with your camera in a leisurely way. I think it is an excellent time to stop and take a breath in every way, including photography. So, if you haven’t mastered manual mode yet or don’t know which measurement mode to use in your photos, etc., this is a great time to practice in a hurry. The day you go out again, you will have many more tools and ease, so take advantage of the time you are at home and do not leave your favourite hobby aside.

What Is Still Life Photography?

When we think of still life, we usually think of still life; flowers, fruits or vegetables. But a still life can go a little further, and it can also represent other natural objects such as rocks, shells or homemade human-made objects: kitchen utensils, tableware, books, etc. In still life, composition, light and colour become essential elements to achieve a good result. That is why it seems to be a great challenge to practice with your camera. You can learn more from https://gotoandlearn.com/.

Find Inspiration For Your Still Life Photography In Painting

We recommend that you look for inspiration where everything originated: in the painting. Many of the great masters were fascinated by the still life and did many works with a detailed study of light, colour and composition from which you can draw inspiration. Please take a look at the form, the textures, the sun, the colours and the different elements that appear in his paintings to inspire you. Remember to edit your still life photos with good software. Click on the link to learn more https://skylum.com/blog/professional-photoshop-plugins.