Here is How You can decorate your bedroom

Your home is your haven away from the world. The heart of your haven is the place you spend most of your time. The hardest room to leave – your bedroom. The walls of your bedroom should be calming and reduce your anxiety ensuring a peaceful night. The feel of comforters can also make a difference in the quality of sleep.

It is important to choose functionality over fashion specially in this room of the house. The comfort you feel being in your own home should reflect in the style of the room.

Let’s take a look at some ideas to decorate your bedroom.

  1. Colour of the walls – Colour of the walls have a great impact upon the space in a room. Choosing dark colours can make the room smaller but make it seem like you are in a cocoon and impart a sense of security. Choosing cooler colours, especially blue, can be calming.
  2. Bedside table – These useful tools can be decorative however should have enough storage space for the things you prefer to have handy while sleeping. These also provide a base to add lamps on either side. Additional space on the top of the tables can be used to place nostalgia-inducing knickknacks or photo frames.
  3. Additional seating – A simple accent chair with a footstool or a rocking chair can create a cozy nook in your bedroom and can be useful for daily purposes too.
  4. Beds – The sheer variety of beds available in the market will leave you speechless. There is a bed made for every purpose. A four-poster bed to make you feel like royalty or a built-in bed for more storage are just some of the beds available in the market. Decorating your bed with layers of textures using bedspread and cushions can liven up the room. Adding decorative garlands and dreamcatchers or other such items can make it look cozy. Bunk beds with built-in storage and an attached study table are great for a kids’ room.
  5. Add some greenery – Place an oversized plant in a corner of the room to make an impact and add a dose of freshness to the room. Having potted plants with vibrant planters along the window sill can elevate the positivity in the room.
  6. Headboard tales – You can add a pop of colour to the room by fixing an upholstered headboard and choosing a bright colour for the same. Using a floral design can act as a decoration on an accent wall.
  7. Throw pillows – Throw pillows can be used to add texture to the bed and a pop of colour to plain bedding. This is a way of trying out different designs and trends without making any long-term commitments. Using jute, velvet or feathered looks can give an extra oomph to the room.

Wall-to-wall murals on the ceiling or behind the bed or cupboards built in the walls to save space can look fabulous. Make your bedroom your dream room!