Have You Paid Excessive Tax On Your PPI Refund?

If you think you may have a PPI tax claim our expert team can examine your case and provide suggestions on the best next steps. We can examine, prepare and send your claim– managing your case from start to end up on a no-win, no-fee basis.

If you were granted a pay-out for mis-sold PPI after 2016, you could be eligible to request a refund for the tax that was deducted from part of the payment that you were granted.

In this guide, we discuss more about how you can recover that paid too much tax, which could amount to a neat windfall.

How do I claim my PPI tax back?

The most convenient way to claim back the tax that was incorrectly deducted from your PPI pay-out is to contact us through our online claim ’s portal. HMRC does offer types that you can finish, however the process of recuperating paid too much tax is notoriously convoluted and complex, and it’s all too easy to slip up that might cost you cash in the long run.

At PPI Tax Rebate, we are really experienced in handling PPI tax reclaims, so it makes good sense to let us handle your claim in your place. So, before you become involved in the hassle of complex form-filling, take a look at our online claims process!

It’s a complex process!

Unfortunately, HMRC has actually made these forms a little bit complicated, and that can be a struggle for you if you’re not utilized to dealing with tax-related issues, especially if your tax is paid by your company via PAYE. It’s not merely a case of going into a couple of fundamental personal details; there’s a whole raft of other info that’s required, which you might not have on hand.

Regrettably, the procedure for reclaiming overpaid PPI tax is not simple, and the forms that you require to finish can appear complicated to many people.

You can take on the task yourself, if you get it incorrect, you might lose out. So, we advise that you start the process to reclaim the cash that you’re owed by calling us via our online portal today. The safe, paper-free service takes simply a number of minutes to finish, it’s entirely no win, no fee, and we might get you the refund you should have in as little as 6 weeks. It’s a no-brainer!

Apply 100% online with no complex types and no files to post!


We will liaise with your loan providers to compute your refund and file a claim with HMRC.


Once authorized, you will get your payment by cheque in as little as 6 weeks!

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