Have you considered a job in fiber optics?

There are many jobs that you can find in the field of fiber optic construction. They are all different and unique in their own way.

Fiber Optic Installation

This job is for installers who really build the network of fiber optics. They must be skilled at pulling cables, splicing the cables, and then testing them. Installers must know how the system works, as well as work with equipment that is specialized for this work, such as a splicer. These workers can install phone, closed-circuit television, and fiber optic networks. These installers may operate machinery to dig trenches and lay cables.

Outside Installation

This position uses more hardware and has a deeper knowledge of tools and equipment. This position uses something called a splicing van which pulls the cable into the van to splice it together.

Premises Installers

These installers work inside buildings to install computer networks, security systems, building management systems, and wireless systems. These types of jobs tend to use a lot of fiber optic cable. They may also use copper, or Cat 5, cable in addition to fiber and connects them. They may work with termination kits, work above ceilings, or in closet and communication rooms.


When it comes to installing fiber optic cables, there is a need for technicians who are well-trained. To have well-trained technicians, you need instructors to teach them. To be qualified to teach, you need to know the material, have experience in the field, and have the aptitude to be able to teach the material. This instruction includes hands-on work in a lab, so a qualified instructor is one that has the skills learned in the field and is able to teach someone else those same skills. Someone who was a mentor on the job may be ideal for this type of position.