Guide For Preventing Skin Damage Caused By Wearing Ppe Kits

Right now, the world is chanting about the eradication of the noble coronavirus. Health workers had worked for unlimited hours to take care of every individual suffering from Covid-19. To be able to do so, doctors and nurses wore their protection gears- the PPE kits. While doing so, there are many cases related to skin-related issues that have been lodged at Midtown Skin Center

What Causes Skin Damage While Wearing PPE Kits

Most of the PPE kits are made up of a material called polythene. This type of material often causes skin-related problems that happen due to overheating and too much sweating. When this abundance of sweating comes in contact with the polythene material results in a severe form of dermatitis.

Also, wearing a mask and headgear tightly for long enough causes even cut marks. Repeated occurrence of these injuries gives recurrent skin infections that are highly dangerous sometimes. Additionally, staying all day in PPE kits creates lots of sweating that causes acne, skin rash, and skin allergies.

Prevention Of Skin Damages Caused By PPE Kits

  • Bathing And Applying Skin Moistures

Bathing is an important aspect of skincare if you are a Covid 19 health worker. Have a warm water bath before wearing a PPE kit is advised by the best Midtown Skin Center. After having a bath, apply a thick layer of moisture or cream and allow it to dry. 

Cream with acrylate polymers or dimethicone is one of the preferred choices. Applying a moisturizing layer in the areas like elbow, armpits, knee joints will decrease the chances of getting an infection.

  • Bandage To Open Bruises

If you have any kind of open bruises on your skin, then you must apply a close dressing before wearing the PPE kits. Covering the open bruises will decrease the chance of skin infections. 

  • Applying Petroleum Jelly 

Before wearing a mask and eyewear apply a layer of petroleum jelly that gets absorbed in the skin. It helps in forming a protective layer against the delicate area around the eyes and ears. This prevents the irritation caused by the tightness of the headgear and mask.

  • Bath Before You Sleep

Midtown Skin Center recommends that after spending hours in the PPE kit, remove it and take a hot shower bath. Bathing with an antiseptic soap and hot shower will eliminate the chances of skin infections and rashes. After bathing apply any cream that contains vitamin C and E. These two will help in the regeneration of healthy skin.