Great Luxury and the Smart Solutions As Per Your Choices in Clothes

You don’t know yet how big your baby is at birth and maybe you don’t know the gender yet. This does not make buying clothes any easier. However, you will need to have baby clothes ready for the first few weeks. We walk you through the wardrobe of a newborn baby. This is true for the Wholesale Girls Clothes.

How much clothes you need depends on how often you want to wash. Keep in mind that most newborn babies spit up regularly. For the first weeks it is wise to have at least the following baby clothes at home:

6 Rompers

Almost all babies wear rompers. A romper prevents a bare stomach and back and ensures that your baby does not lose heat unnecessarily. In addition, a romper keeps the diaper in place and is practical when changing. For more information, read the 10 most frequently asked questions about rompers.

6 Pieces Outerwear

You can think of shirts and sweaters. Depending on the time of year in which your baby is born, you need more summery shirts or warm sweaters. Snap buttons make putting on outerwear a lot easier.

6 Pants

No matter how nice cool jeans look, jogging pants are the best for your baby. Don’t just buy regular pants, but also, for example, 3 sock pants. These are ideal for the first weeks after birth. Your baby will have nice and warm legs because the socks are attached to the pants.

4 Pairs of Socks

Socks keep those cute feet nice and warm. A newborn baby has shoe size or sock size 10-12. It is also useful to have some socks in size 13-15. Many socks do not have the size stated, but they are suitable for a baby of how many months for example 0 to 3 months.

1 Jacket or Cardigan

For a newborn baby it is important that he stays nice and warm. If you go outside, a warm jacket or cardigan is useful. Are you due in the summer? Then a summer jacket is sufficient. For the Wholesale Baby Clothes Bulk  this is important.

2 Cotton Hats

You lose a large part of your heat through your head. This also applies to your baby, while it is extra important for him to stay at the right temperature. A baby hat helps with that. The advantage of cotton is that it is soft and breathable. These baby clothes are also on our interactive baby set list. Use this list to keep track of what products you still need for your baby. You can order baby clothes online at many different web-shops. Check out our favorite web shops with baby clothes.

Newborn Baby Size

Most newborn babies dress size 50. A baby prematurely born or smaller than average may also have size 48 or smaller, size 56 is often best for a baby over 7 pounds.

Winter Clothes or Summer Clothes

When purchasing your baby’s wardrobe, keep your due date in mind. Are you due in the summer? Then buy summer clothes in the smallest sizes. In that case, if you buy a winter jacket in size 56, there is a good chance that your baby has already grown here before it is needed for the first time. Don’t buy too many specific summer or winter clothes on the growth. You never know when your baby will need which size.