Getting Help at a Heroin Addiction Treatment Center in Orange County CA

Heroin is one of the drugs that many people can become addicted to today. In some cases, those who were using opioid medications find that they can’t access these medications anymore and now turn to heroin in order to help with symptoms of withdrawal. When addiction becomes too bad, an individual is going to need to get help at a heroin treatment center in Orange County CA.

What Happens with Heroin Addiction?

When someone uses heroin, it enters the brain and the opioid receptors. The receptors manage feelings of pain and pleasure and help your ability to breathe, sleep, and regulate heart rate. The brain then forgets how to produce pleasurable sensations, and this causes a person to want to use more heroin. Some of the side effects include lung, kidney, and liver disease, infection of the heart valves, and linking and collapsed veins. Since there is no regulation of heroin it can also be laced with some other substances, which makes it an even more dangerous mix.

Benefits of Treatment

The drug is typically associated with a relapse because of the withdrawal process, which can be intense. The risk of relapse is even greater in the early stages of recovery and rehab. When you deal with your addiction in a safe and private environment, such as at a heroin addiction treatment center in Orange County CA, you can help get the understanding needed to succeed in recovery with relapse. Therapy is going to be important to recovery and will play a role in treatment. Support and encouragement can make all the difference when it comes to staying on the path to recovery. You can get the support you need at a treatment center.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

One of the reasons to go to a treatment center instead of going through recovery alone is because a common cause of substance abuse is an underlying medical condition. Many people begin using drugs because of a mental health disorder, such as anxiety or depression. These individuals feel that they aren’t able to manage the symptoms of mental health conditions and use drugs in order to self-medicate. Those who use heroin can also develop mental health conditions. Some common ones include antisocial personality disorder and depression. In both instances, those who have addiction and mental health conditions need treatment for both at the same time. Professional help can provide treatment for both at the same time and give you the support you need. This kind of treatment can also be important to long term recovery. If you are only getting treatment for mental health conditions, then addiction can still cause more problems in the future. If you only get help for your addiction, then mental health symptoms are going to continue and even come back full force.