Free telugu movie based on impossible love story

Dev is a south indian action romantic film written and directed by Rajathravishankar. It was released in the year 2019 and made out to be one of the greatest and beautiful films out there. Actor Karthik has always chosen the best stories in his career as an actor and this film just makes him more touchy. The life of dev in the film and his love story just gives you the goosebumps like never before. You should definitely watch this film or add to your telugu movie watch list. And there are many recent movies on aha movies.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Karthi

Actress: RakulPreet Singh

Other actors: Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishnan

Director: RajathRavishankar

Art Director: RamcharantejLabani

Banner: Prince Pictures

Producer: S. Lakshman Kumar

Narrated by: RJ Vignesh

Music: Harris Jayraja

Cinematography: R. Velraj

Editing: Ruben

Story By: RajathRavishankar

Distributed by: Reliance Entertainment, Murali Cine Arts (Tamil Nadu)

Other information:

Runtime: 159 mins

Release date: 14 Feb 2019

Genre: Romantic, action, adventure

Budget: Rp 55CR.

Story line:

Dev, a young and energetic man who takes up a journey to explore the real adventures life has to offer. His family is quite rich and stays with positive vibe all the time. They have their own business and lives in india. His father is his motivation to travel. Dev takes his friends along with him wherever he goes in the world. but his friend Vicky, who is passionate about stand up comedy but decides to spend his life doing a desk job as this kind of adventure is not his type. So vicky picks up a bet with Dev, Vicky promises not to go to the job interview to start his type of life if dev accepts to go on a date with the girl they choose, so that he would understand the responsibilities in life. As accepted, vicky shows a girl online and tells dev to start flirting with her and as even dev likes her, he starts following her and falls in love with her. They didn’t know in the beginning that she is rich and a successful business woman who is always busy and spends no time online. That’s when he decides to show her the love he has in real time but she has some preconceptions on guys as she had a worst experience with her father leaving her mother. What dev does to change her mindset and show her the world of love is the adventure he over takes.

Technical Asset:

  • Music! When just watch the movie harrisJayaraja music will get in your nerves.
  • The story itself is a unique asset in the movie, it’s a combination of romantic, action and adventure. Imagine the level of highlights.
  • Location! This movie is a festival for eyes! The location it takes you to is beautiful, the way the hero explores it, you can explore it too!

Artist performance:

  • Karthi is Fabulous as a hero
  • Rakulpreet just nail her character
  • Prakash raj as alway just lived his role.

Know whether they love in fall or not? But definity you will love it! Watch Dev movie online as it is a free movie!