Flooring for home gym

Your home gym setup will rely totally on the equipment and space you are occupying for the gym. Choosing the right and comfortable flooring option is a challenging part of setting up a home gym. Many people neglect one of the less obvious but more important components that is gym flooring. It provides a more supportive surface for you to exercise on and meanwhile protecting your knees during lunges and wrists during pushups .Flooring which is the base of the room provides extra layering of style and an appealing look to any place. However, deciding the appropriate flooring can become a little complicated for homeowners especially when you are selecting it for a home gym.  It is important to consider a floor that can preserve and protect both your joints and subfloor from the demands of your fitness routine. Usually, home flooring is hard and unyielding, which can easily crack under the pressure of dumbbells or barbells if dropped.

Flooring options for your home gym come in a different range of materials, constructions, and sizes and they are designed to hold out against different levels of exercise intensity.

Floor covering options available for home gym flooring are of wide variety.  The most popular options for the flooring of a home gym are Rubber Tiles, Foam Tiles, Carpeted Floor and turf, and vinyl flooring. If you are transforming your outer space of home into a gym then an artificial grass patch is the right choice, this synthetic grass rug looks beautiful, feels comfortable to walk on in bare feet, holds up against intense exercise, and is safe for both children and pets. The rug is with drainage holes and rubber-backed, that allows it to dry effectively avoiding the risk of mold or mildew.

Pros and cons of rubber tiles, rubber rolls, foam tiles, carpet tiles, artificial turf, and soft polyvinyl are as follows:

  • Rubber tiles are the most popular flooring option for the home gym on the market. They are extremely durable and shock absorbance for any workout. But they are quite expensive, easy to install, and less difficult to clean.
  • The other option for flooring is rubber rolls which are less expensive than rubber tiles .They are seamless, shock-absorbent perfect for the large space .Due to their heavyweight they are difficult to install and have an increased shipping cost. They are trusted for their long-lasting feature.
  • Foam tiles are versatile among all others and they are easy to double as playroom flooring. Foam tiles are soft and cushiony, the perfect choice for beginners and bodyweight exercise. Their soft cushion is excellent for floor work. But they are less durable and not suitable for more intense workouts.
  • Carpet tiles are home friendly and easy to get, they are low pile carpet tiles that make a marvelous gym floor. But they are less shock absorbance in comparison to other options.
  • One option which offers a unique benefit is “Artificial turf”. They are functional and sharp gym flooring, perfect for sled pulls, plyometrics, and more. They have smooth and eye-catchy surfaces. But they are also very expensive and don’t protect your subfloor from heavyweights.