Five Tips for Finding a Real Estate Agent You Can Trust.

The real estate industry is full of fraudulent practices. You have to be wary while dealing with it. As you are going to make a big financial decision, keep your eyes open and watch out for the red flags.

The seller can sell their property without letting you know the drawbacks. How can you know whether the construction is legit to not? Thanks to the real estate agents who help you to find the dream house by saving you from entering into a fallacious deal. Before that, you have to be careful about choosing the right agent. Check out these tips to find the best agent.

Is the agent fiduciary?

Is the agent having an interest in listening to you? Check out this sign. If he gives you a deaf ear, consider it as a red flag. Also, keep a watch on the attitude. Do you find it casual or serious? Avoid the one who is taking things casually.

If you are not satisfied with the agent, you can switch to another one. A little effort is better than the wrong deal.

Ask a lot of questions:

Why the human resources of any organization conduct an in-depth interview? They want to weed out the inefficient one and hire the best resource. Similarly, you have to interview them; don’t hesitate to do that.

Shortlist at least 3-4 agents, and prepare the questionnaire where you can ask about the experience, number of clients they have served, the turnaround time, the time they take to revert, and many more.

Go with the licensed one:

It is good to hire one who is a member of the National Association of Realtors. A single wrong practice can land them in trouble and the cancellation of a license. They have to follow all the ethical practices and re-qualify every four years; this is the rule to remain in this profession.

Agents can lie about licensing. You can verify from the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials to check the authenticity.

Is the agent quoting the high price for the property?

You will interview 3-4 agents. You will ask the price they will quote to buy and sell the property. Check if the agent is quoting too high from others. Consider it as a warning sign. The agent may be quoting out of greed or he lacks knowledge.

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Never be afraid to talk to past clients:

Take the contact details of the past clients from the realtors. Ask the clients about the experience they have working with the agent. Leave the one who shares the bad reviews of the agent.

Never forget to ask about the customer service – how quickly they respond to the queries and the satisfaction level, is the client satisfied with the overall service. A small effort can help you find the right agent.