Five Simple Tips Before You Plan Your Home Renovation

The idea of home renovation makes one feel good, but at the same time, it would confuse anyone from where to start! Well, this confusion is a natural phenomenon for many of us, and you should not start from anywhere. If you start abruptly without any base plan, there are higher probabilities of disrupting the present aura of your home. There would be no point in figuring out the plan after you have started the renovation process already. Here are a few simple tips before you plan for a home renovation:

  1. Have a plan:
  • Nothing starts if you don’t have a basic plan in hand. Planning for the home renovation is essential to bind your thought process into a drawing or a schedule so that nothing is missed out. The entire design from your mind should drill down on a schedule.
  • Observe the minute details of your design ideas. You may browse a variety of decoration magazines, websites of famous interior decorations, or even visit the office of interior designers.
  • You may even consult with an interior designer, but you should not completely get carried away with his design ideas. Whatever you choose, you have to pay for it. As simple as that!
  • If you don’t wish to consult an interior designer, you can start your research first. It will help you streamline your ideas in a better manner and reduce the cost of various items required for renovating.
  • Your plan should cover taking the finance at the best personal loan interest rates.
  1. Have a budget for the plan:
  • Allocate the budget as per your plan. Remember that this does not step 2 of the home renovation process. Budgets and plans are connected; you cannot have a high-end plan with lower room for budgets. There are higher probabilities of unexpected events happening during the actual execution of the plan. It requires you to keep a cushion for your budgeted amount.
  • Renovation is not an annual affair. No one would renovate the home before every Diwali. Hence you should have a sufficient budget so that the next renovation would take 7-8 years.
  • Do not use your lifelong savings for renovating your home. So, if you have budget constraints, you may choose to plan for a personal loan. Many financiers offer personal loans online with lower hustles and documentations. You may also choose the amount of EMI by accessing the personal loan EMI calculators available within a few clicks on google.
  1. Hire contractors for the plan:
  • You should hire a contractor for your renovation plan. The contractor will help you to give actual effect to the design in your mind. This tip is crucial since the contractor would be turning the dream image of your mind into an actual process.
  • Improper selection of the contractor may lead to creating mishaps in your project. Before choosing a contractor, check for the years of experience he has. Check whether he has the required license.
  • Even if you have references from your relatives or friends, do evaluate the competitiveness of the contractor by asking a few queries. Check whether he understands your idea about home renovation.
  • Discuss the payment terms in advance before finalizing the contractor. Try to fit everything as per your budget.
  1. Define a timeline:
  • The plan should have timeline slots. The timeline should contain obtaining finance through a personal loan, devising a plan, hiring of a contractor, stages of execution, and expected date of completion of your home renovation.
  • Timelines help you to see your start date and the target date easily. Take the help of the contractor to define the time required for each area.
  • Allow time for delivery of the required materials and cleaning of the project area. Also, consider the holidays the contract workers would ask for and mark all these dates on a calendar.
  1. Start with Kitchen:
  • You cannot just start abruptly from anywhere. Consult your contractor for the same. However, nothing is as creative as cooking! The Kitchen is the heart of your home.
  • You can enjoy your living space more in case you have an upgraded kitchen. Kitchen remodeling creates the most dust, which may create problems in other areas. Hence it is always suggested to make work on the kitchen areas first.
  • Plan to have a temporary kitchen to take care of your urgent needs.


Your finances can be taken care of by the personal loans available at a competitive rate in the market. However, planning the budget ranks at a higher priority than the allocation of the budget. Start with your research first. Think about each area, and you will slowly understand what you want and what you don’t want.