First aid for burns

Erste-Hilfe Kurs München defines a burn as damage to body tissues caused by high temperatures or chemicals. Burns are differentiated by degree, as well as by the type of damage. On the latter basis, burns are distinguished:

  • Thermal (flame, hot liquid, steam, heated objects);
  • Сhemical (alkali, acid);
  • Electrical;
  • Radiation (light and ionizing radiation);
  • Сombined.

In case of burns, the first thing to do is to eliminate the effect of the damaging factor (fire, electric current, boiling water, and so on).

What to do if a person has been burned

According to München erste hilfe kurs if a person has received an extensive burn, then he may go into shock. This is accompanied by dizziness, possible loss of consciousness, the skin becomes pale, cold, and wet.

It is important to closely monitor the pulse and breathing of the victim, if he is conscious and the chest is not injured (no respiratory or head trauma), you should help him to take a horizontal position on his back and raise his legs by 20-30 cm, cover with a blanket to keep warm.

In case of thermal burns, free the affected area from clothes (carefully, not tearing away, but cutting off the adhering tissue around the wound) and, for disinfection and pain relief, irrigate it with a water-alcohol solution (1/1) or vodka.

Important information from Erste Hilfe Kurs für führerschein münchen. Do not use oil ointments or greasy creams – fats and oils do not reduce pain, disinfect the burn or promote healing.

Afterward, irrigate the wound with cold water, apply a sterile dressing, and apply cold. Also, give the injured person warm, salted water.

Use dexpanthenol sprays to speed healing of minor burns. If the burn covers more than one palm, be sure to see a doctor.

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