Fire Extinguisher Recharging: What Everyone Should Know

The most significant apprehension most of us have is being in an unfavourable circumstance like a fire outbreak without a safety backup. This is mostly the case when we do not focus on the maintenance of our safety equipment. And like most other materials, fire extinguishers fort collins co require periodic upkeep. There have so many incidents recorded where the extinguishers were not able to control the fire because they were not charged. This is precisely why a thorough knowledge of Fire Extinguisher Refill & Recharge is necessary.

When Should Fire Extinguishers Be Recharged?

The standard approach is to recharge the extinguisher once it has been completely emptied following an outbreak. But that is not the only time you should restore it.

  • Regardless of its volume, recharge immediately after use: You must recharge the extinguisher even if it was used for a few seconds as the pressure inside starts to reduce no matter what and it becomes prone to leakage. And keeping the extinguisher fully recharged can prevent you from facing any dangerous circumstances.
  • Periodic Maintenance: Fire extinguishers need to be recharged regularly even if they are not in use. This rule is by the NFPA code of compliance that inspects your extinguisher every six to twelve years.
  • Low Pressure: There can be possible environmental changes or damage to the extinguisher cylinder that results in low internal pressure. This requires a proper recharge and refill to be functional again.

How To Check The Pressure Gauge?

According to the NFPA code compliance, the fire extinguisher needs to be inspected periodically at least once a month. And this inspection includes thorough attention to the pressure gauge. The needle needs to stay in the green region that indicates optimum levels. If the needle moves towards the red, it depicts either high or low pressure, that means you need to service it.

How is the Fire Extinguisher Refilled & Recharged?

The process of recharging a fire extinguisher can only be done by a professional fire extinguisher company that has the necessary equipment and personnel for it. This is how a fire extinguisher is recharged:

  • The extinguishing agent is detached, and the cylinder is depressurised completely.
  • The discharge outlet is isolated from the cylinder and thoroughly cleaned.
  • The professional conducts a thorough inspection to identify any discrepancies within the assembly.
  • The valve is put back together, and the cylinder is made functional again.
  • The cylinder is filled up with the extinguishing agent as per instructions.
  • The cylinder is pressurised till the gauge needle points green.
  • Any last tests are conducted to detect any leakages.
  • The discharge nozzle is put back in place.
  • The fire extinguisher is weighed to the optimal conditions.
  • Once the above steps are done, a recharge tag is placed on the cylinder that indicates completion.

Final thoughts

If you notice a change in the pressure of your cylinder or suspect that its maintenance is due, get in touch with a competent fire extinguisher company that can service your extinguisher today. One such company, Ace Fire Protection, offers extinguisher products and services for sales, inspection, tagging, testing, violation removal and more. They ensure complete code compliance and make sure all your safety equipment is up to date.