Finest renovation Works In the Best Condo Structures

It seems that wherever you ask, the works have a bad reputation. What if the neighbor spent 2 years with the workers at home, what if the brother-in-law had to pay double what was expected, and a long list of annoying incidents?

In the world of reforms, there are no universal truths because each home is unique, but we want to summarize below a series of tips that can help you.

To start

The first thing you should do is a list with the needs or reasons why you want to do the work.For example, if you are going to change only the kitchen, break down what you want it to have, for this, think about how you are going to use it. That is, if you like to cook, you still dream of a large worktop or work island. If, on the other hand, you cook little, you may need more storage and pantry space, freeing up an area to have a nice breakfast table.

In the event that you want to change the entire house, think about the main objectives you want to achieve with the reform. For example, expanding the living room, getting a new room, converting one that is no longer used into a practical dressing room, improving the hall etc.  You can check out renovation in Singapore by Swiss Interior at, where you can find more design ideas and past renovation projects. 


By listing the needs you narrow down the reform, and you can place it in one of these three typologies:

  • Surface conditioning of the home or maintenance of facilities etc. When the works only involve coating changes. They can be floors, or wall painting. Or occasional repairs in heating installations, water pipes, lighting and electricity systems.
  • Reform of a single room in the house. It can be isolated, not implying changes at the global level of facilities or coatings of the rest of the house. For example, if you only want to change the kitchen, or only the bathroom or only the living room … etc.
  • Complete reform of the house, when you want to change the distribution, modifying partitions and facilities almost completely.
  • Depending on the type of reform, it is important to know who you have to turn to help you with it. Not just anyone.

For style first, our recommendation is to visit specialized flooring, paint or plumbing stores, where they can advise you on your specific problem.

In the case of typology Second

Our recommendation is to first go to a decorator or stylist to help you organize that room in the house and decorate it. To advise you on choosing and buying furniture, kitchen, toilets. Or whatever you need for that part of the house in particular. It will save you time visiting countless stores. And by checking all the elements before starting there will be fewer errors on the job.


Finally, the best model consists of two differentiated agents that you have to go to. First, you will need an interior designer or renovation company to carry out a project from your list of needs. Adapt the facilities and existing structure in the house to your new disposition. This project is of great importance.

All the materials that are going to be used in the work are specified in it. And then it allows several construction companies to present an offer on the same thing. Without this document, each company will offer different materials and it will be like trying to compare pears with apples.