Feeding your Pets People’s Food

The idea of this kind of food was inspired by creators whose goal was to come up with pet food for the pets they rescued. They wanted to find food to feed their pets at home conveniently. The good initiative led to the development of a brand of pet food that is safe for all pets. All the ingredients used are perfect for human consumption too. The people-grade pet food is unique because it uses

human-grade ingredients to make pet foods.

Top-quality meat is a must-add in this creation, with vegetables and base proteins being the main ingredients. Usually, you expect to find beef, fish(tilapia), and calamari as some of the ingredients used for this pet food. The key remains using proteins that are fit for human consumption. This makes pet foods high quality, nutritious, and beneficial for pets.

Paws Food Express can help you get your hands on this quality of pet food that is both low-carb and highly nutritious. The foods will boost your pet’s overall health and support its immune system in the long run. Check out the list of ingredients in the various pet foods created.


The chicken meals are not like any other you have come across. The producers only utilize boneless and skinless breast chicken meat. You would expect this with human chicken, but it works for pet foods too. With such dedication, the foods can only be top-notch quality. Find the best chicken pet food for your cats by ordering from Paws Food Express. We will deliver your choices around the greater Houston region. We take it further and deliver the food to Pearland, Sugarland, Katy, Richmond, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, and Kingwood. Make that call today, and we shall promptly comply.


This has to be the other popular pet food made with human-grade ingredients. The fish meat is hand-flaked off the bone. Usually, the Skipjack Tuna is used since the line-caught smaller tuna tend to have lower mercury levels than the matured tuna hence safe for human and pet consumption.


The use of pumpkin in some of the human-grade pet foods is also great. Pumpkin is a great source of fiber that helps with digestion and hydration. Pumpkin comes loaded with insoluble and soluble fiber and higher moisture levels. It also has lower carbs and starch, making it a great addition.

Other Meats

While other meats from organs are used to make human-fit pet foods, they must be authentic butchered cuts that humans can consume. This is the best way to ensure safety and guarantee product quality. These cuts often come deboned, and any excess fat is trimmed.

You want to have your pet enjoy this high-quality pet food. Feeding your cats and dogs with such kind of pet food (the human-grade kind) will improve their appearance, boost their immunity, and make them healthy. It is a worthwhile investment that can easily turn things around. The goal is to feed the pets food you can consume as this is the highest form of safety.