Expired Burger Cheese Slices: Are You Doomed Or Still Some Hope?

Everyday tons of food is thrown away from restaurants due to various reasons, such as overstocking, lack of portion control, spoilage, leftovers and expired food. Many food items will see the bottom of a bin and will never even make it to a customer’s plate.

Is it the same for burger cheese slices? In a burger restaurant, the only thing that is bought in bulk is cheese and condiments. Other ingredients like burger buns, meats, and fresh veggies – all of these are freshly purchased.

When it comes to natural cheeses – they don’t always go bad, as cheese is often made and then aged purposefully. Even if mould grows – you can sometimes cut out the section, and then it is okay to consume.

However, this is a little different with burger cheese slices – most burger cheeses are processed, and they will only worsen after their expiration date. This is mainly because processed cheeses contain lots of ingredients – it is not just pure cheese.

However, you have to pay close attention to the date and how it is written. If the package says use by or best before – it is not about safety, but when the quality and taste of the product is no longer guaranteed. Whereas sell by means a retailer cannot sell this product on their shelves after that date. All of these are mostly quality warnings, and they have nothing to do with safety. Now, if the package clearly says the product expires by a certain date, then that is the safety warning.

So are you doomed if you have a bag of expired cheese slices in your refrigerator? Well, yes, if it clearly says it is ‘EXPIRED’. You should not be serving expired cheese slices to your customers, the expiry date on the package is there for a reason.

Bulk buying is one way to save some money at your restaurant – and when you bulk buy, there is the risk of food items becoming expired before being used. A solution is only purchasing food items from a trustworthy vendor, that give you items with enough time before the expiry date, so that you can use them all up in that time without wastage.

Good-quality cheese slices can last for months if stored correctly, and all they need is proper refrigeration. As said above, cheese slices are not just made with cheese, but other ingredients to ensure their shape and texture. You should always look at these ingredients before purchasing burger cheese slices for your restaurant.

Pure Dairy is one of the only places to find the best cheese for burgers in Australia. They sell multiple kinds of cheese slices for burgers – hi melt cheese slices, thin cheese slices, Swiss cheese slices and natural cheese slices.

Hi-Melt and thins are processed cheese slices, also known as American cheese. On the other hand, natural cheddar and Swiss cheese are not processed.

Pure Dairy burger cheese slices do not contain any nasty and harmful additives, and you don’t have to worry about having to throw them out often as they have an extended shelf life. They can be stored and used for more than six months.

To order the best cheese slices for burgers in Australia, contact Pure Dairy, and they will get back to you with the additional details.