Everything You Need to Know About Nectar Collectors at Mr. Puff Smoke Shop in Texas.

Nectar collectors, also known as honey straws or dab straws, are a popular method to ingest concentrates like wax, shatter, or oil. This gadget is a portable and easy technique of dabbing that allows users to enjoy their concentrates without the need for a typical rig setup. In this post, we will go over all you need to know about nectar collectors, from the numerous sorts to how to utilize them.

Types of Nectar Collectors.

There are two kinds of nectar collectors: glass and silicone. The classic and most popular choice is glass nectar collectors. They are made of a glass tube with a mouthpiece on one end and a quartz, titanium, or ceramic tip on the other. The tip is heated with a torch or electric nail and then touched to the concentrate, enabling the user to inhale the vapor via the mouthpiece.

Silicone nectar collectors, on the other hand, are a relatively recent creation. They are constructed of food-grade silicone and usually have a titanium or quartz tip. These nectar collectors are more robust and lightweight than glass nectar collectors, making them perfect for on-the-go dabbing. However, they can be more difficult to clean and may not produce the same taste profile as glass nectar collectors.

How to Use a Nectar Collector.

Using a nectar collector is a simple procedure. Here are the steps:

  1. Fill the water chamber. Fill the nectar collector’s water chamber with water until it fills the percolator openings.
  2. Heat the tip. Heat the tip of the nectar collector with a torch or electric nail until it is red hot.
  3. Touch the tip to the concentration. Touch the heated tip to the concentrate and inhale through the mouthpiece. Be careful not to touch the hot tip of your skin or anything flammable.
  4. Repeat as required. Steps 2 and 3 may be repeated as many times as required to obtain your desired level of intake.

Advantages of Using a Nectar Collector.

There are various advantages to employing a nectar collector over typical dab rigs. Here are several examples:

  1. Nectar collectors are portable and simple to transport. They are also more inconspicuous than typical dab rigs, making them an excellent choice for folks who prefer to dab in public.
  2. Cost-effective. Nectar collectors are often less costly than classic dab rigs, offering them a more affordable alternative for individuals on a tight budget.
  3. Effective utilization of concentrates. Nectar collectors help you to consume concentrates more effectively since you can manage the quantity you use and avoid wasting any.

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