Everything you need to know about Medical Weight Management

With the increasingly unhealthy lifestyles, obesity has become a common health condition seen across communities. However, many see being overweight as a lifestyle problem. On the contrary, obesity can be caused and is the cause of a plethora of other barely related medical conditions.

With many health issues linked to a single symptom or cause, one cannot hope to combat being overweight by simply exercising. While looking for different ways for weight management in Richmond, VA, don’t forget to consider medical weight management.

What is Medical Weight Management?

Medical weight management is an individual-specific weight management plan that includes lifestyle and dietary changes. The appropriate medication also accompanies these changes after assessing the patient’s health.

Research shows that one can lose approximately ten to fifteen per cent of their excess body weight through medical weight management plans. Additionally, signing up for a complete checkup in Richmond can give one insight into why being overweight is a cause for concern. It can also help those with health issues causing obesity understand the root of their obesity.

Why is Weight Management so Crucial?

Obesity can lead to various critical health issues. The surplus of body fat or mass exerts unimaginable pressure on joints and bones, leading to chronic joint pains.

A buildup of cholesterol also leaves those suffering from obesity at severe risk of heart diseases and other arterial blockages. Hypertension or high blood pressure is commonly seen in obese individuals as well.

Other health risks also include gallbladder disease and an increased risk of strokes.

Such a long list of diseases for someone who is obese is susceptible to is a critical cause for concern. In Richmond alone, over 63% of the population is overweight or obese. With these worrying statistics, here is a way for you to get back into shape healthily.

Why is Medical Weight Management Effective?

Upon progressing to obesity, many find it extremely tiresome to engage in prolonged physical activity. This limitation makes it more difficult for patients to achieve their weight loss goals. With medical weight management, one doesn’t solely rely on physical activity to lose weight, making it one of the better schemes for weight management in Richmond, VA.

When should one turn to Medical weight management?

Those with a BMI over 30 or close with related cholesterol or hypertension issues should typically opt for such plans. These medical plans provide support, advice, and supervision, optimising any weight-loss strategies.

In Richmond, weight-loss management plans vary in personalisation, procedure, and intensity. However, many clinics also encourage consultations to ensure that you get the best out of any treatment. Moreover, a general health assessment also allows professionals to suggest what scheme may prove most helpful since every case of obesity is unique.

Benefits of Medical Weight Management


Every case of obesity is not the same. Medical weight management conducts an in-depth assessment of one’s diet and weight history before suggesting management strategies. This process makes the suggested weight management plan specific to each individual, allowing for appropriate diet and medical intervention.

Weight Management vs Loss

While many lose weight to feel better, weight management plans are more health-oriented. The goal is not to lose weight for the aesthetic but to manage weight sustainably. These plans can prove less intensive compared to “weight loss” strategies.

Long-Term Results

Weight management does not encourage any fast weight loss diets or techniques. Their plans cater to those looking for a long-term solution to obesity. The additional input from experts also ensures that patients set more realistic goals for weight management.