Essential Car Maintenance Tips

Cars are not cheap, at least for most people. A lot of people have to save money for a long time or even do some sort of payment plan to be able to purchase their car. Therefore it is imperative that one gets value for one’s money. Cars, unlike before are no longer considered a luxury. Almost every family has one and it does save them a lot of stress, now imagine what would happen when the car breaks down, there would be a lot of stress. Here are a few car maintenance tips for drivers to help your car last as long as it should.

1.       Read the owner’s manual

Now, this is something lots of people look down on and ignore. However, it’s of utmost importance. It is, in fact, the first step to take in the maintenance of your vehicle. This is where you’d know how to establish a maintenance routine for your vehicle. Because in the end there’s no one size fits all model. Every manufacturer has the optimal procedure and schedule for which you should service your car.  For example not every car oil should be changed every 3,000 miles, it’s different for different cars. Follow the instructions in the manual as per when it’s time to change oil, go for general maintenance and so on.

2.       Know what different indicators mean

There are different indicators on the dashboard of most modern cars. These are warning signs that there’s something urgently needs to be taken care of. Know what these indicators mean and act accordingly. Some might be more urgent than others. For example, when you have the coolant warning light, it means that your engine is overheating. If you continue you might ruin your car. So pull over and wait for the car to cool down.

3.       Check your tyres

Make sure your wheels are aligned and balanced. Check your tyre pressure and if the tyre is not at the recommended pressure top it up. Check the pressure in the morning though when the temperature is still low. Check your tread depth too. Make sure you have at least 1.6mm of tread depth, this is the minimum legal standard. Once your tread depth has gotten to 3mm; it’s time to start preparing to change it. Check the sidewalls for cracks, and also check the tread for punches, tears and signs of failure.

4.     Rotate your tyres

Don’t forget to rotate your tyres too, you should do this somewhere between 5000 to 8,000 miles. Find a reputable tyre shop JLT to do this for you. specializes in all kinds of tyre-related services, both sales and servicing. Zeetex tyres amongst others are some of the tyre brands that we sell.

5.     Schedule Regular General Maintenance

You should schedule regular maintenance on your vehicle. Here the fluids will be checked and topped up if necessary, the air filter will be changed, spark plugs, drive belts wires and more.

Regular car maintenance will keep you safe and also help your car last longer. Make sure you always do it.