Enjoying Asheville Wine Tours with the Help of a Professional Driver

When one thinks of wine, Napa Valley likely comes to mind. However, the valley has more competition than ever before. For example, many people now travel to the East Coast to take part in Asheville Wine Tours. They have heard about the amazing wines being made in North Carolina and want to try them. In fact, the state brings in almost $2 billion each year from the wine industry, and more than 10,000 people work in the industry in this one state alone. If you wish to take part in one of these tours, a designated driver becomes essential. What are the benefits of hiring a driver for your tour?

Enjoy the Beverages

Nobody wants to have their tour disrupted because they had a little too much to drink. However, with multiple wineries located within a small geographical region, a person might learn they have consumed more than they intended only when they get pulled over. Lay this issue to rest by leaving the driving to someone else. The designed driver remains with the group from start to finish, picking them up at the desired location and returning them home safely when the tour is done. Nobody has to miss out on the fun so they can drive everyone else around.

Insider Information

It’s hard to know which wineries to visit when time is limited. A professional driver becomes of great help at this time, as they know the area. They make recommendations based on the group they are driving on any given day. People no longer need to worry their tour will be wasted, as they have insider information that wouldn’t be available if they chose to drive themselves. The recommendations are based on the group’s wine preferences, the time of year, and things of that nature.


Individuals may worry that they will be enjoying themselves and have to cut the trip short so their driver can help another group. When choosing a tour driver, ask if there is a maximum time for the tour. Many companies put a time limit on the tour, but that is not the case with all. They will have a minimum time that the driver is engaged, as they have established a minimum time frame for the average tour. However, if the clients are having fun, many companies will allow them to extend the tour beyond the initial agreed-upon time frame, so the fun doesn’t have to end.

If you are planning to visit wineries in the Asheville area, consider hiring a driver for your tour. Individuals who do so find the driver takes care of the details, so they can relax and take part in the festivities. The driver ensures the group gets from winery to winery safely before returning the group to its hotel, vacation rental, or location of choice. This is a safe and fun way to learn more about the beverages being created in North Carolina while seeing the beauty of the area. Plan your tour today. Once you see how much fun you have, you’ll want to plan another before your first one is finished.