Electric water heaters Vs. Gas Water Heaters

Do you know?

The users of gas water heaters are far more than those of electric water heaters.

A Gas water heater runs on fuel, usually, natural gas, to heat water, while the electric water heater uses electric resistant coils to heat the water. Though this makes Gas water heaters less energy efficient than electric water heaters, the electric water heater’s running cost makes it higher than the consumption of gas.

Also, the gas water heater’s heating speed is faster than the electric water heater and has a much faster recovery rate. That only makes it so convenient for every family or business.

Though electric heaters are much more energy-efficient than gas in units, the actual energy consumption savings are migrated by the higher costs of electricity, just the opposite of the gas. This is one of the most common reasons why more people prefer the Gas Hot Water Heater System in their homes. The electricity company near me should help you estimate your expenses so you can get a better understanding of which one is better for your power bill.

Also, while electric heaters are more efficient than any other option, they remain relatively rare due to its high installation costs.

Cost and LifeSpan

When it comes to purchase price, initially, there’s not much difference in purchase price between the Gas Water Heater and Electric Water Heater. Electricity costs more to use than gas, which makes electric units more expensive to operate. Also, the installation is more costly and requires a high voltage power source, ‘220 volt outlet” specifically, and then wiring for this to the electrical panel.

However, gas hot water heating systems in Adelaide are a much cheaper option for customers, which is enough for many consumers to choose gas water heaters. If a gas pipeline is already available, it is a much more affordable option to choose from.

The heater has a slightly shorter life span than the electric water heater, but the difference is not significant. (For example, ten years for electricity and nine years for gas.) see, there’s not a big difference in the life span between the two. If you are switching to the gas heater from the electric, it will be a little more expensive because of the gas line’s installation and venting to exhaust the heat.

There is one more benefit of having a Gas Water heater. You won’t have to wait for the electricity to have the hot water in the emergency power cut. You can have hot water without any problem with electricity. The gas heater gives you this leverage of 24 hrs availability unless you are running out of gas this time. A gas heater will take less time to reheat a whole tank of water faster than an electric heater.

An electric water heater can take up to several hrs to reheat a whole tank of water. This recovery rate will eventually lead you to more consumption of electricity. Tankless Heating traditionally uses electric coil but has become more popular for gar fire units; heat on demand is the norm now because of the supply of limitless supply of hot water just because of these tankless heaters. These can achieve a significant amount of increased efficiency over traditional gas storage units.

Based on the above points, you can take a call on which hot water heater is best suited for your needs.