Dress to Win: The Right Clothing Style for Casinos


To make the most of your casino visit, dress for success and enjoy the entire ambiance of the experience. Casinos typically make us think about glitz and glamor, and dressing the part could set you up for a night of winning. Remember that when you feel confident in an ensemble, you are likely to achieve optimal results. Therefore, devote extra attention to what you wear to a land-based casino, so you look and feel like the winner you deserve to be. Here are some style tips you should not ignore:

Dress for the occasion

If you choose to play at an internet casino, no dressing up is required. No one will know if you are on the couch wearing your favorite sweatpants or pajamas.

However, when visiting a brick-and-mortar casino, you should want to look like a high-roller, which means dressing the part. Adopt a sharp appearance that remains understated. For gentlemen, use Daniel Craig’s 007 in Casino Royale as your point of departure. A visit to one of the barbershops in your area for a haircut and beard trimming will provide the finishing touches.

For ladies, consider an evening dress when visiting a casino at night. It might be as simple as your LBD (little black dress) or something far more showing, like a sequined gown. Enjoy a pampering session at a salon, and have your hair and makeup done.

The purpose

Your snappy appearance might give you an edge over fellow gamblers as your look will distract them and hopefully put them off their game. People dressed too casually might feel intimidated by someone dressed so sharply and not focus on their gameplay. This can be a vital advantage in games like blackjack and poker that require intense concentration and strategic tactics for victory. Alternatively, if following the fashion advice above makes you feel uncomfortable and unlikely to win, look at trends for fashion this fall and choose a smart-casual outfit.

Dress codes

Always research a land-based casino’s dress code before visiting it. Some casinos accept more casual clothing during the day but have strict requirements at night. These could include no jeans or flip-flops, and male patrons may have to wear a collar and tie for evening gambling. Being denied entry due to a failure to comply with a casino’s dress code could be embarrassing and prevent you from getting to the tables and securing a win.