Do you want to extend your spousal visa? Learn how to increase the stay in U.K.

As the title suggests, this article will include the topic of extension of visa. Getting a visa to the U.K. is not a very easy thing. There are certain formalities that must be followed. In the U.K., the visitor must know basic English to check the language’s capability. The English tests are conducted. The applicant must go through the English tests. As per the legislation, the English test is mandatory. The a2 English test is undertaken to extend the pattern visa. This test is taken to extend the two and half year visa to five years.

To survive in the U.K., a basic understanding of English is essential. The English test consists of basic questions. After this, they stay in the U.K will be extended. The applicant will be allowed to stay for an extended period of time. To get the two and a half year visa, the a1 test is conducted. If the applicant is able to pass this test the two and a half year is provided. In order to extend the stay in the U.K.

The visitor has to pass the a2 test. It can be quite tricky for people who are not very good at English. The good news is that the English test is elementary to crack. All the basic English questions are asked in the test. The examiner will examine the listening and speaking English skills. Matter of fact the English test is not very tough. We are here to help you out with that. The standard and frequently asked questions will be provided. This will help the applicant to prepare for the exam. The a2 test lasts only seven minutes. This test and the results hold a lot of importance.

How to book the examination centre nearby?

It can be great if the examination centre is located nearby. As to the test, travelling can be hectic. The closest examination centre can be booked. English test for the extension of the visa will be conducted there. The result of the A2 test will decide the extension of the visitor. After that, they stay in the U.K. of two and a half years will be converted into five years. How to book the exam hall? Check out the upcoming test of English for a visa in the U.K. Here the date, day, location, is mentioned. All this information will definitely help to book the right examination hall.

How to crack the A2 English test? Specifications of the A2 test

Suppose you are really willing to extend the visa. The a2 test is very significant for the extension of the visa. The time duration of the test is seven minutes. It consists of listening and speaking skills. The applicant is asked to tell about the residence. In fact, the English language and pronunciation are also considered.

The immediate results are declared. After that, the certificate is posted within seven days.